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BioLargo was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in California, United States. The company president & CEO name is Denis P. Clavert. BioLargo works on innovative technologies like water management, air quality control, Industrial odor and more. 

The company's primary aim is to resolve environmental problems through innovative technology. 

BioLargo has been working on the R & D for the last 30 years and has developed many quality, innovative environmental products. The company has many products and is a leader in environmental protection. The company has various subsidiaries that are working on environmental technology development. 

BioLargo is doing business through contracting, licensing, direct sales and joint ventures. The company technology is primarily available commercially in the markets. 

BioLargo's main aim is to create innovative technology in soil, water and air. Now the company has a very high professional team of researchers, engineers, salespersons, scientists and workers. 

In the past, the company has won two awards in technology innovations and due to this, the company has received 80 grants. The team of professionals in BioLargo has developed the technology in-house because the company is investing continuously in Research and Development and hard work. 

The main things behind the success of the company are hiring suitable candidates, placement of exact infrastructure and the availability of relevant projects. We collaborate with educational institutes like the University of Alberta, University of Tennessee, NSERC, EPA-SBIR and more. 

​BioLargo does financing and provides help to market the products through its subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are involved in the distribution and commercialization of products and work through their teams. 

This corporate structure provides more flexibility to CEOs in decision-making and providing customer service at the best level. The company has two divisions, one is named an environmental group and the second is  Clyra medical.

Financial Statements Overview and BLGO Stock Price

The company's financial statements for 2021 indicate the revenues of 2.53 Million Dollars, Net Income of -7.08 Million Dollars. Total assets 3.02 Million Dollars and operating cash flow -.3.94 Million Dollars.

Currently (10th June 2022), the BLGO stock is selling at 0.19 US Dollars. 

The analysis of the last 5 years' financial statements indicates that the company shareholders are diluting, there are no meaningful revenues and the market isn't sufficient. Overall the increase in the earnings in the last five years is 5.1 percent.

The maximum price of the BLGO Stock was 0.29$ in the last 5 years and the minimum price was 0.16$

BLOG share price remains stable and 12% volatility was recorded. BLOG earnings per share is -0.026 on March 30, 2022 and the Gross profit margin is -242.77%. The company has not announced any dividend to its shareholders. 

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