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The money will go towards creating my own entertainment company and publishing/producing Books, Documentaries, and Music/Poetry with a God-given mindset to change the trajectory of Black Culture.

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June 2014, two weeks after breaking up with my then Girlfriend @AUSETSHAKUR, she sent me a picture of a sonogram telling me she was almost 2 months pregnant. She decided to get an abortion and I talked about my pain with this situation to @CAM_BLAM and my roomate @IMJUSTCHINNEN because I had a dream of a little girl laying on my chest (feeling like I would’ve had a daughter). I graduated from Howard University, and in October 2015, I HAND WROTE a Novel that @ESSENCECIARA looked over, and decided I wanted to publish it and become an author/filmmaker. Because I was evolving and becoming someone new, I wanted to be loyal to the Howard wombman that was pregnant with my child and got an abortion so, January 2016, I asked @AUSETSHAKUR to be the editor of the book and for us to combine our life experiences and make the main character a girl so that the book represented the Baby we would’ve had together.  May 2016, I published the book, Most High, and I brought @AUSETSHAKUR along on my path to success as the editor. July 2016, I submitted this video for the Skype “Shoot the Future” contest and I received a lot of Verbal Abuse from my Mother and Father for following my heart and chasing my dreams instead of jumping into a safe secure job with a W2 and a 401k plan. I received even more verbal abuse at home from @AUSETSHAKUR (because I PROVIDED a home for her in Detroit) about me not respecting her, appreciating her, wanting to be with wombmen other than her because I felt she was a terrible wombman, etc. So, December 2016 I'm on the east side of Detroit tying a resistance band around my own neck to see what DEATH felt like for myself, I did not want any ATTENTION.. From February 2017 to May 2017, We were working on having a baby together until @ausetshakur confessed she was never pregnant in 2014, and the sonogram she sent me was her NIECE Tionne, and she lied to keep me in her life and to see what kind of man I was. As strong minded as I usually am, I was broken, lost, and I turned to a lot of female friends for guidance and understanding of why someone would do this, and I was discouraged from “My Purpose”. I started working two jobs and @AUSETSHAKUR moved back to New York (Her Hometown) and I still helped her get the job she’s working at now. I paid for us both to go to @HU2014CLASSTRIP where we were supposed to heal and figure out how much money she was going to pay me back for everything I invested in her while I was under her “Abortion Spell”... Instead I passed on the non-refundable trip to stay home for My Aunt Patty's funeral. The day before the funeral, May 23rd 2019, I was shot in the leg and carjacked by random niggas in Detroit. When I stood up from the ground I walked two miles, passing three Hospitals, to my grandmother’s house to recover. I went to my Aunt’s funeral the next day (May 24th) I looked at her lifeless body knowing she was with me the night before and that I didn’t need to rush to tell my family and friends about what had happened, and to refocus on my purpose again. I went two weeks without my car and lost both my jobs, but the car was recovered damage free. Since then I have been living off my savings, working freelance for low-budget movies in Detroit, electronically organizing the books I have hand written, and meeting with marketing companies and potential investors for an entertainment company I've been brainstorming with my friends @mrworldwidewilson @young.maat @bluestripbreeze and @twanjohn. I found my calling in 2015 and I have been attacked by the people that changed my diapers, “Friends”, LBs, Prophytes,Teammates and brainwashed by the wombman giving me honey everyday. I healed myself from my own trauma and The Most High made me stronger from dealing with other peoples demons. I just want to tell my story and others stories with my friends, If you could please contribute, share/repost, send to a celebrity, whatever you are ABLE to do we would greatly appreciate it. ThAnkh You, and Ase. 

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