Biblical Video Games

Biblical Video Games

From Ryan Anderson

The reason I am fundraising is to make Video Games that reflect The Word of God. With my whole heart I believe God desires to be shown in Video Games and to have people encounter him through the gameplay experience.

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Hi I'm Ryan and from a young age I've had to struggle to get anywhere with hearing problems at a toddler age. My parents did not know it until I was around the age of 5 where I lost 35% in one ear and 40% in the other, and I remember staying up till 10pm to 11pm doing flash cards with my mother. The reason for this is because I was constantly in the sped classes and was roughly 2 to 3 grades behind my current class. There was never a point up until the age of 14 where my rhythm was to stay inside during PE to catch up with school work, going home after 5pm to eat dinner with my family then at 6pm to ride my bike back to school to have a teacher volunteer his/her time with my studies until 7pm. Where I would then go home to study with my mother and do assignments with her till the late evening hours toward 11pm. 

The pattern I had to live has driven me to have to go through everything the hard way. As I couldn't hardly hear, speak, or get B's in school even in college. I graduated with an associates degree in 2016 in computer science where I then started to learn Game Development myself. After 5 years of working a IT Specialist job from 8am to 5pm to then working from 8pm to 1-3am as an aspiring Game Developer I am confident in my skills to create games. 

In 2016... I was playing many non-Christian games and overtime I started to grow a distaste for playing them as I kept seeing nothing of God, Jesus, or other biblical things; however, I seen plenty of non-biblical things as well. After I asked a question to myself about such games, I felt God's presence say "there are a lot of people who do not want to leave their homes, no longer will listen to preachers or other individuals; except, to play video games in their rooms. I want to reach those people to call them back to me." After I felt these words from Jesus I didn't go willingly into the area for making games as I didn't feel qualified to make such games of such depth. Every year I could not let go of what I felt Jesus say... I prayed about it constantly and overtime I felt his peace with the idea of making games. 

What will the funds be used for:

1.) Artists (As it takes a very special person to become an artist with the most respect I have for these individuals with creating models, uvs, polycounts etc.)

2.) I have an animation suit but not the hand attachment to simulate characters in the game by recording my muscle movements and mapping them to each character model.

3.) Sound mixer, a DAW, 100's of instrument audio, and other Acoustics, high quality microphone for singers etc.

4.) Writing Experts to help shape the story and other conversation dialogue

5.) A pastor that can help guide biblical accuracy for the gameplay experience

6.) Anything else would go toward unknown assets

My goal in life is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ amongst the world and to obey what Jesus asks me to do regardless of the cost to myself or my life. If The Word of God asks you to help I'd be honored to use your gifts in this mission.


Ryan Anderson

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