Best VPN to Hide Torrenting on School WiFi

Best VPN to Hide Torrenting on School WiFi

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With the growing demand for digital technologies, students at schools, colleges, and universities are searching for loopholes in their systems to gain access to torrenting websites and platforms. Gone are the days when students used to keep themselves indulged in books, magazines, and novels. With the growing digital age around us, a diversified change in mindset is observed among avid streamers, who are mainly school-going students. Decades back, who would have thought that primary school graduates would be making thousands of dollars on YouTube and other potential earning platforms? However, now we have to accept that knowledge is also getting digitalized, embarking on new heights of connectivity and connection. 

If you have school-going children in your family or neighborhood, you can’t discourage or stop the usage of mobile or any other smart device around them. With the excelling media trends and forms of communication, students are also inclined towards learning from e-based platforms. With mobile phones, tablets, and laptops being allowed in schools, students are often seen accessing geo-restricted and blocked websites on their school’s WiFi. With the rising prices of 5G packages, students are always searching for free WiFi hotspot connections in schools and their adjoining areas. Many developed schools have WiFi facilities in libraries and staff rooms, attracting students to connect themselves to the internet and stream movies and other downloads via torrent. According to the recent survey of 2022, about 15% of internet files are uploaded via school-hosted servers and WiFi connections.

Apart from these findings, teachers are also seen motivating students to download and stream scientific videos and tutorials regarding a few chapters or ideas which can’t be taught verbally in a typical classroom setting. If you are looking to subscribe to an idea VPN service to hide your torrenting activities when in school, you must go for Ivacy VPN only. With the Black Friday VPN deal live, you can get the best deals and discounts this November.

Here’s Why Ivacy VPN is the Best Pick!

When discussing the ideal VPN to cover tracks and conceal browsing history, Ivacy VPN is certainly the top pick of tech enthusiasts and many VPN users. Over the past few years, students, business professionals, managers, analysts, and healthcare professionals have signed up for Ivacy VPN’s premium package. Continue reading to understand why Ivacy VPN is your best partner at school. 

Keeps You Protected from Data Harvesters   

With the growing demand for user data and insights, online companies are seen harvesting data by following the digital prints of many avid internet users. With Ivacy VPN, you can be one hundred percent sure that there’s no one following your digital footprints or maintaining logs of your browsing history. With no history logs policy, Ivacy VPN is among the only few VPN providers rendering service all across the globe. If you are an active student, you will come across instances where you will have to access the internet in order to resolve your queries or find solutions to unexplained questions. While browsing elite educational websites on your school’s WiFi, you don’t need to feel any sort of hesitance. 

Helps Bypass Admin Restricted Websites 

 It has been observed that many schools and their administration is concerned about their student’s digital well-being. In order to minimize the usage of the internet, the school administration restricts traffic accessing streaming websites on the school’s official WiFi. However, students always find a way to bypass such limitations and blockages. With Ivacy VPN, you can seamlessly access blocked Websites on your school’s WiFi and continue streaming during the free periods and recces break. It’s recommended to use Ivacy VPN’s premium services instead of typical Google Chrome extensions, which are likely to cause potential damage to your device. Hence, if you are a student who loves streaming, it’s ideal to use a student-friendly VPN such as Ivacy VPN.

24/7 Live Chat Support 

While accessing restricted websites and other platforms, students often tend to hesitate and make rash decisions. In order to minimize such errors and glitches, Ivacy VPN offers 24/7 live chat support, which can be contacted with any sort of emergency or questions. While using Ivacy VPN, if you have noticed any sorts of glitches or abnormal activities, you may report it directly to the chat representatives rendering their services for valued online users.

Diversified Servers in Multiple Locations 

While selecting a VPN service, every individual goes through the server locations and other elite features of the VPN. While talking about Ivacy VPN has 5700 servers across 69 countries. If you are a tech activist and a full-time student, you must have a robust VPN connection to address all your digital needs. Talking about accessibility and digital needs, Ivacy VPN offers reliable and sustainable services for a reasonable amount of money. If you don’t have a bank account at the moment, you can pay for the subscription using your elder siblings or parents’ credit or debit card.

Final Word!

With the growing trend of digital technologies and integrated platforms, students of every age group are seen accessing restricted sites on their school WiFis. Decades back, who would have thought students could get one hundred percent access to blocked or restricted websites? With Ivacy VPN, students can certainly enjoy digital freedom not just in schools but also at home and in public places.

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