Best toys for your kids in the year 2020

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Kids always love toys, as toys play an important role in education or advancement of kids some of the toys are also for fun, toys also teach kids about sharing with others and help to develop electric motor skills among themselves.

Moreover, kids learn problem-solving skills, toys such as a puzzle, block, teach kids and broaden their minds to think and solve the problem.

So, here are some of the toys you can buy for your kids in 2020

1.   Lego Harry potter bus:

This will be the perfect toy for your kid who loves Harry Potter, this bus is built by blocks having Harry potter and one other character your kid will love building and playing with this bus.

2.   Candy locks doll:

These dolls are short in height but have very long cotton candy stuffed hair kids love playing with there long hair and can try different hairstyles on them the dolls come with many accessories like (clothes, hairpins, bands)

3.   Kinderbot code n learn:

This toy is one of the best learning toys having colorful buttons on it to teach your children how to code with fun, the robot performs actions feed into him through coding. If you want your children to play and learn at the same time this will be the best option for your kid.

4.   Nerf and strike gun:

This gun is for the kid who loves to play thief and police, this gun shoots a round of 6 foamy bullets in one shot, you kids will surely love to play with this gun.

5.   Whistle original copter or led slingshot helicopter:

These toys are best for your kid's social, physical and mental health original copter or slingshot helicopter at night looks very cool in the air they also make a whistle on a flight, These copters also have LED lights which make them visible in the night making a different kind of lightning effect which looks very pleasing. So original copter or led slingshot helicopters can also be the best pick for 2020.

6.   Hot wheels racetracks:

These toys are best for car lover if our kid loves to play with cars then this is the best package for you kid.

7.   Dancing mickey:

Dancing mickey mouse is also another choice of the toy which your kid will love.

8.   Giant monster remote control truck:

This truck is also one of the best toys you can get for your kid.

So here is the list of 2020 toys that you can buy for your kids and make them surprise by these amazing toys.

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