Best Tips To Get Rid Of Pet Odor With House-Hold Items

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Don’t you just hate it when your pet does its thing on your carpet? How about those times when your pet has stained your couch or your well-prized rugs? Urine can leave your home smelling stinky if you leave your belongings unwashed or untreated. This is not very attractive especially if you want to keep your home well kept. Also, the stains can be a bit bothersome especially if a guest arrives. Think about the possibility of them seeing the stains and frowning from the odor. if you still find it hard to DIY then you can call professionals to help you out  Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is very efficient to remove any kind of stains.

 Fortunately, there are some pet urine odor removal steps that you can take. These are tried and tested strategies that has worked for various pet owners in the past. Here are some of them.


Try Washing it

 Of course, the most basic pet stain odor removal step you can do is to try to wash it. Trust me. If you are going to read a lot of pet odor removal articles, you will find that washing is still the basic way to approach it. If your pet does its thing on your rug, then you should wash it or get it dry-cleaned. It will remove the odor. in that case you may need a water extraction for that you can call Carpet Cleaning Logan

 However, there are some instances where washing may not be enough. If your pet has stained your carpet, then washing may not even be possible. It is in these situations that other pet odor removal measures may prove to be more valuable.


Use Commercial Pet Odor Removers

 Another option you can take in your pet odor removal pursuit is to purchase and use some commercial pet odor removers. These usually contain chemicals that counter the smell of pet urine from the onset. These can come in sachets and they can also come with a spray bottle. If you can, get the pet odor remover in a spray bottle. From here, all you need to do is spray and wait for the odor remover to do its job.


Clean It With a Home Remedy


Now this is a unique pet stain removal strategy. It is guaranteed to remove the odor from any of your belongings without the hefty fees. Anyone can do this really. All you need is some baking soda, some vinegar and a vacuum cleaner. I am pretty sure that you have all these ready at home. You just need to know what to do.


Now you can do this pet odor removal procedure by simply applying vinegar on the affected area. Wait until the vinegar seeps through. Then sprinkle some baking soda on the area. Wait until the affected area is completely dry. Once it is dry, vacuum the baking soda up. It will remove the odor.


One of the most irritating tasks at home is to keep it spic and span. But aside from the visual element, you also need to keep the feel of your house at its optimum. You can only do this if you have your home not only looking good but smelling good.


However, having a pet can give you a hard time. Fortunately, these pet odor removal tips will help you in your goal of having a well-kept house.

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