Best Places One Can Put The Crossdraw Holsters

Best Places One Can Put The Crossdraw Holsters

From Mathew Philip

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There are many people who have pistols and other types of revolvers bought for self-defense. These people usually aren’t familiar with the position to keep the pistol. The first thing one should do is one isn't familiar with the pistols is to get crossdraw holsters. They are used to cover the guns and also helps one in the aspect of security and safety.

Therefore, once one knows of crucial it is to get crossdraw holsters and wear them every time one walks around with a gun, then one can figure out where should one place the crossdraw holsters. One can place them in many places. In fact, the ideal position for placing the crossdraw holsters depends on the individual person and can vary from different people. Therefore one needs to find out the best position to place the holster. There are a few advisable positions where one can try to place them. These are the most used places to keep the crossdraw holsters.


The opposite side

Another place where one can keep the crossdraw holsters is the opposite side of the dominant hand. It is the place where most of the cops keep the holsters. It is kept on the waist and opposite side of the dominant hand to pull the gun out from the holster in a natural flow. Although, one should use the crossdraw holsters with trigger locks as this position is dangerous to keep pistols that don't have trigger locks. Another thing one should know about this position is that: one doesn't need to keep the gun locked as in this position, it won’t fall off.


The strong side

It is the most common place where people keep their crossdraw holsters. This place is usually behind the hip of the same side of the dominant hand. The holster is kept just above the knee of the right or left side, and one has to pull the pistol out from behind. It makes the gun and holster safe from stealing or falling off while bending down. Although, one has to ensure that one is flexible enough to bend a bit backward and pull the gun out. It can be also difficult for one to pull the gun out if one is sitting down in a car or some vehicle.


Behind the back

Another place to keep the crossdraw holsters is behind the back right in the middle of the waist. But: this isn't an ideal position to keep the holster as one will have problems while sitting or leaning against something from behind.


The appendix carry

Another type of position where one can keep the crossdraw holsters is in front of the appendix. It is also placed over the waist and right in the middle of the appendix. It is where one can use either of arms to draw out the gun from the holster. But again, one has to lock the trigger of the gun before putting it in the holster.


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