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Before we proceed we must know what kind of qualities a web hosting server must-have.

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If you are someone who is looking for the best Minecraft server hosting, then you should immediately stop here because you have reached exactly at the right place! 

Before we proceed we must know what kind of qualities a web hosting server must-have.

Qualities of a web host

Website hosts are companies that physically house several web servers in one location. The best website hosts are those who provide software, security, support, and bandwidth that connects your website to the internet. 

Do we have the quality performance of a server host?

To have a better understanding let’s see what performance a server should host possesses and what do we have to share. Scala Cube is an outstanding Minecraft server host as it is the best in performance in features, security, flexibility, and it stands on top for having affordable prices.  

  Other things that are same in the best quality server and us making us top-notch are listed below:

  • With us, you will see unlimited game servers.

  • Unlimited slots are available for customer service.

  • SSH root access is granted.

  • For you, we will be giving a free website and forum 

  • On simple one click, you can install for over 1000 unique mod packs. 

  • We provide Minecraft hosting at affordable prices. 

Why choose us?

Now the question arises why choose us? So, to make it clear a comparison was made with other companies, and to our surprise, we were found to serve the best. The following difference was seen;

  • SLOTS 

We offered unlimited slots whereas other companies had a limited number of slots or game servers.


As discussed above, with us you will see SSH root accessible but on the contrary, other companies did not provide secure SSH access. Root-level access is given to your Minecraft server, and you have the leverage to freely customize the way you want it to be by simply using the SSH command line.   


You can now access all your files on your server through FTP


You can install an unlimited modification package with us while you would hardly find this golden opportunity with other hosting servers that enable the customers to customize the vanilla Minecraft game.


In order to monitor the number of online players on the server, you can get already installed and configured website and forum and later on, they can be replaced with your by FTP. 

    To ensure the best customer service, we provide 24/7 customers service 


    The better latency, the faster your access to the server.


    Free subdomain makes it easier for you and your players to connect to your server.


    We take regular offsite back-ups and we can restore your server.  

    • Dodo’s PROTECTION

    We proactively monitor for Dodo’s attacks even the smallest attack and then automatically sets it. 


    You can play using any possible plugin. 

    The reason for Scala Cube being the best Minecraft server hosting company is because we aim to provide the best services to our clients. Other than that, the VPS we provide comes pre-configured and ready to run a Minecraft. Since your Minecraft server is seen full VPS, it has the ability to provide additional features, these are a fully configurable and customized server website that too with an integrated form of your Minecraft community.   

    With us you will feel relax and comfortable as our plans are scalable, that is you can start small and can upgrade easily as your Minecraft community grows from time to time. 

    Usually, players have seen in trouble finding your server and logging in that’s why, we have a server with its own custom Minecraft launcher, and the design of your server launcher is fully customizable. 

     Now you can enjoy it and play!

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