Best Headphones for Metal Detecting 2020: Reviews & Buying

Best Headphones for Metal Detecting 2020: Reviews & Buying

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There are various accessories for metal detectors, but perhaps the most important one you can purchase is a fantastic set of headphones. By using headphones, you are able to block out much of the background noise around you and hear the tones of your paintings simpler. This report will not only examine what features you want in headphones especially created for metal detector hobbyists, but we will also record a couple of ones we urge and talk about our reasons for why they left our short list. Beneath, please use our innovative table to compare some of the best headphones for metal detectors now available on the market: PhotoModelPrice Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL$ Fisher Headphones$ Treasure Wise Headphones$ Whites v Series Headphones$$$ White's MXSport Headphones$$$ Whites ProStar Detecting Headphone$$$ Endless B 1V_KB-II-Optima II$$$ Garrett MS-2 Headphones$ DetectorPro Gray Ghost BT$$$ You can get a inexpensive set of headphones at many discount stores, however for what you require, you should locate a set with these attributes. Stereo and mono capabilities so they are compatible with type of detector. Most detectors have a 1/4" plugin, so make sure that's what your cans have. Ensure that your headphones have their own volume control as many metal detectors do not. Check the audio quality to make sure the tones are very sharp and clear. This is something you will need to test yourself as everybody sees differently and what sounds good to your friend not be exactly what you like and need. 

 If you have difficulty hearing in 1 ear, then start looking for cans with dual volume controls so you can correct the atmosphere for each ear. Be sure the cans block out noises. Since you be wearing them for hours at a time, you need to attempt on the cans and be sure they are comfortable. The cans need to be very durable. Below, please have a look at some of the  best   selling metal detectors currently on the Amazon: BEST SELLERS 1) Garrett AT MAX 2) Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV 3) Bounty Hunter Gold Digger 4) Fisher F22 5) Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Today, let's move on a couple of headphones you should strongly consider pairing along with your metal detector, and the reason why we feel they are worth noting: Bounty Hunter HEAD -- PL The Bounty Hunter HEAD PL cans Bounty Hunter metal detectors have been all favorites amongst hunters and the headphones that they build are rated as high. 1 thing to remember, though, is that Bounty Hunter headphones don't work with other brands of detectors, nor will they be compatible with all the BH Junior. They're priced a little more than 30. They have amazing sound quality and two volume controls. The cans block out noises very well.

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