Best Days To Play Bingo

Best Days To Play Bingo

From Sahil Seo

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Bingo players today have plenty to smile about. If they want a night out that revolves around bingo, then bingo halls have this covered. Bingo venues are more bingo bars and bingo clubs these days, so they come with a lot more added entertainment than they used to. If you prefer to play bingo in the comfort of your own home, then online bingo sites have your back. Even online bingo sites such as contain chatrooms that run special quizzes and promotions and all this helps punters feel like they are part of a close community. 

Since 2003 online bingo has been booming, this is despite it getting off to a slow start when it was introduced online, back in 1996. It has plenty of competition from slots gambling games, but the popularity of bingo remains steady online and at land-based bingo venues. What this means is that there is far more competition for prizes. If you are in it for the prizes then you may want to think carefully about when you play bingo. If you are in it for the fun and the social scene that accompanies bingo, then you might as well go with the flow and try your luck anywhere and everywhere. 

Around The Clock Bingo 

Around the clock bingo that is available online means that even though there is huge competition for prizes, there are actually more prizes up for grabs every day. However, if you are still not having much luck, you may want to consider a change in your bingo gaming routine. Bingo halls and online bingo venues do most of their business at the weekends and naturally, this is when competition for prizes is at its highest. So if you are into bingo as a means of making some cash on the side, then you may have to consider taking up another hobby at the weekend. Other peak times to avoid are 7am to 9pm and 5pm to 11pm weekdays.  Weekday afternoons are the quiet times for online bingo and so is anything after 11pm. 

Free Bingo 

Free bingo sounds great but it brings in a surge of punters and even though you could get up to 36 free tickets in one free game session, the chances are that you will constantly be disappointed. Free bingo periods are hard to judge as they are different on all sites, but they do cause surges in player numbers, particularly at weekends. If you were to participate in some free bingo, then late night free weekday bingo is best. 

Land-Based Bingo 

If you attend land-based bingo venues because of the social scene, then weekends are best for a night out full of entertainment. However, if you are after the bingo hall cash prizes, then the similar applies here, as it does to online bingo. Again, it means avoiding the crowds and peak times so you may want to do something else on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Weekday afternoons are best at most bingo halls but this depends on whether they are actually open in the first place.

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