Best Crypto Market Watch App in 2023

Best Crypto Market Watch App in 2023

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Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

Managing an investment portfolio can be challenging, especially for users who own various assets in their portfolio bank. If your portfolio contains a variety of assets than you can easily keep a tab on, it may be time to get a market watch app. 

You stand the risk of mismanaging your investments and losing a significant amount of money if you miss the essential details of each of your cryptocurrency investments. In this guide, we have carefully selected the top crypto market watch apps to track your investment portfolio and avoid missing out on selling off your dipping assets.  

What is a Market Watch App? 

Market watch apps also called Portfolio Trackers are digital tools that allow investors to track and manage their cryptocurrency assets on one platform. It provides real-time information on price changes, market movements, and portfolio performance. Some of the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers come with features such as total portfolio balance, performance analytics, and tax reporting. These trackers provide invaluable assistance to both new and experienced crypto investors.

Keep in mind that not all cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps work on all devices. Some of these apps are specifically designed for some types of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Types of Crypto Portfolio Trackers

Mobile applications

These trackers are easy to use and portable, allowing you to access your portfolios on the go.

Web platforms

Web trackers often have extensive tools and customization options and they can be accessed on the provider's website. 

Trackers built into the exchange interface

Most centralized crypto exchanges, such as Binance, offer built-in portfolio tracking features. You may not need a market watch app if you have all your assets on such an exchange. 

7 Best Crypto Market Watch Apps

Platform: iOS/Android

Free plan: Yes

Supported Assets: 7,000+

After it was announced in 2017, the Delta tracker attracted its first million users in just a few months. Since then, the developers have constantly introduced new features and optimized the asset monitoring process.

Delta supports over 300 crypto exchanges and over 5,000 different coins, while also allowing you to track stocks, cryptocurrencies, futures, ETFs, funds, and other market assets.

Their comprehensive approach is especially a plus for many investors since most hold not only cryptocurrencies in their portfolio but also traditional financial instruments. Delta also allows you to focus on specific assets and ignore market segments that are not of interest to you.

The free version of Delta allows you to connect up to two exchanges and wallets.

Free Plan

– Tracks 200 transactions

– Manual import of CSV up to 5 MB in size

– Tax and capital gains reporting – up to 100 records

– Export transactions to CSV, XLS, PDF, HTML

– Backup of two portfolios

Platform: iOS/Android 

Free plan: Yes

Supported Assets: 24,000+

CoinStats is a user-friendly tracker with a comprehensive dashboard that makes it easy to manage your assets without visiting multiple websites.

Clients can set up instant portfolio alerts and analyze the performance of specific assets or wallets by linking their accounts to CoinStats.  Some supported exchanges even allow direct trading of digital currencies from the CoinStats landing page.

CoinStats supports integration with over 400 wallets and exchanges, including Coinbase Pro, Binance, CoinSpot, Trust Wallet, and cold hardware wallets like Ledger Nano. However, approximately 70 applications can be directly integrated into Coinstat, you may need to manually add the portfolio of other platforms. Coinstat is particularly compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, ERC-20 tokens, and decentralized applications (DApps). 

CoinStats also allows you to participate in liquidity mining. The tracker automatically navigates across supported platforms to simplify the process. Some of them include M-Stable, Yearn Finance, and Lido.

Free plan

– Up to 10,000 transactions

– Automatic synchronization with an unlimited number of exchanges and wallets

– DeFi functionality

– Margin trading

Platform: iOS/Android

Free plan:  Yes

Supported Assets: 2,500+

Cointracker's cryptocurrency portfolio tracker features automatic import from exchanges and provides a single dashboard that displays complete information about the user's assets - real-time token prices, historical data, deposits, withdrawals, and market capitalization. The platform currently tracks over 2,500 crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and many others.

Additionally, Cointracker does a great job of reading CSV import files, allowing users to import and export them to other devices

Free Plan

– Up to 10,000 transactions

– Automatic synchronization with an unlimited number of exchanges and wallets

– DeFi functionality

– Margin trading

Platform: iOS/Android

Free plan: Yes

Supported Assets: 5,000+

Coinigy allows traders to trade across multiple exchanges and customize their trading strategies using over 130 technical indicators. The platform also helps to import transaction history and generate tax reports for investors and traders..

Coinigy app has a simple and aesthetic user interface, and users can access multiple exchanges on one platform. They offer different account types and order types allowing you to choose the optimal combination for your needs.

Coinigy offers 24/7 live chat support and a knowledge bank for those new to the cryptocurrency world.

Free Plan

– Unlimited trading without additional commissions

– HD charts with 75+ technical indicators

– Automatic portfolio monitoring 24/7

– Security and stability 24/7/365

– Access to mobile application

– Email support

Platform: iOS/Android

Free plan: Yes

Supported Assets: 6,000+

Crypto App aims to compete with well-known crypto portfolio tracking apps such as Coinstats, Coinmarketcap, and Coingecko. The company has made significant strides over the past two years, amassing nearly half a million active users and over 1.35 million downloads.

Crypto App clients can view and track their portfolios using customizable widgets. The price Alerts feature allows you not to miss significant price changes and sends push notifications even when the application is closed.

Free Plan

– Five wallet connections

– Three cryptocurrency exchange connections

– 100 real-time alerts

– Five pairs of currency conversion

Platform: iOS/Android

Free plan: Yes

Supported Assets: 7,000+

Altrady is a trading terminal and therefore allows you to access multiple markets from one platform. They make investing much easier since they ate partnered with top exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, and Poloniex

Altrady has a bot feature that can monitor the status of your cryptocurrency portfolio and market movements without you having to constantly check your phone. The bot sends alerts about price changes, goal achievements, market movements, and others on the go. 

Free Plan

- 14-day Free trial: to use all of the platform’s functionality

Platform: iOS/Android

Free plan: No

Kubera is suitable for individuals who want to monitor different asset classes This cryptocurrency portfolio tracker can connect to many major wallets and exchanges, including decentralized wallets. It also acts as a secure storage of important information such as account passwords and important portfolio-related documents.

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

Choosing a crypto portfolio tracker is important for both new and experienced traders who are looking to safely manage their portfolio assets. Many market watch apps on the market offer different unique features, so it's crucial to find a tool that suits your needs and preferences. When looking for the right tracker, consider factors such as ease of use, compatibility with multiple exchanges and wallets, support for multiple assets, real-time data updates, and the ability to set alerts.

By carefully reviewing our list, you can find a portfolio tracker that will significantly guide your asset management process and help you make informed decisions.


It is difficult to say which is the best tracker for managing your cryptocurrency portfolio, as individual preferences and needs of users can vary. However, you may want to consider Delta, Coinstat, Cointracker, Coinigy, The Crypto App,  Altrady,  and Kubera as top contenders. Check out features like ease of use, compatibility with multiple exchanges and wallets, real-time data updates, and customizable alerts to find the perfect solution for your unique cryptocurrency portfolio management requirements.

To effectively manage your cryptocurrency portfolio, use a crypto market watch app such as Delta, Coinstat, Cointracker, Coinigy, The Crypto App,  Altrady,  and Kubera. These tools will help you monitor investments across multiple exchanges and wallets, monitor real-time market data, set custom alerts, and access advanced analysis features. Be careful to choose a platform that suits your preferences and requirements to make it easy to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.

Yes, Excel can retrieve cryptocurrency prices using the WEBSERVICE and FILTERXML functions or by connecting it to an API. Using any of these methods, you can import real-time cryptocurrency price data directly into an Excel spreadsheet. One popular option is to connect your Excel sheet to CoinMarketCap or CryptoCompare as they both provide an API for accessing price data. Please be aware that some APIs may require you to subscribe to get a key.

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