Bessie Ashton's Headstone

Bessie Ashton's Headstone

From Kandace Saunders

Hi, I am trying to get a headstone for my grandmother. People go visit her in the cemetery and she has an unmarked grave. I'm trying to fix that so people know exactly where she is

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     I'm just looking to do right by my grandmother and get her a headstone for the cemetery where she is buried. When she gets visitors people walk all over her because nobody knows exactly where she is. We have a huge family and my grandmother is a mother, grandmother, sister, wife, daughter, great grandmother, great great grandmother, ETC. She kept the family together. We had picnics at her house, family get-togethers, family holidays, all family gatherings were at her house. When she passed away all of that ended and the family went their separate ways. Although she has four of her own children and all of those grandkids and great-grandkids she left everything, her house, all of her belongings, all of her money, to one person, her youngest son. He was her baby! He lived with her his entire life. She cooked for him, cleaned for him, did his laundry. She babied him for almost 50 years and then left everything to him and he could not even get her a headstone with all the money she left him. And I will tell you something personal! It wasn't a little bit of money! Now most of the family struggles to make it including myself. There's only a few family members that actually get by nicely and a couple of them are her children and they did not get her a headstone either. I am so disappointed. Are they upset because their mother did not leave them anything? I don't know. And honestly I don't care. She did the family right for so many years. It's not about money or things! It's about love and family and caring and kindness and that's what she was about. I will tell you I don't talk to most of the family because of the way they are and I didn't see it until my grandmother passed away. Like I said she held the family together and then everybody else just separated and nobody even cared to get the one person who held the entire family together a headstone. You wouldn't believe how angry and disappointed and hurt I am by that it's been so many years. I struggle too much to be able to afford it on my own. So I'm asking for help from strangers because I know the family will not help,I know, I've asked. I will greatly appreciate it and so will some others that are grateful. When my grandmother , Bessie Ashton ,  was alive  she did so much for so many people .  If you needed help she was there .  She didn't let anybody down . She was retired from working her entire life  and then she went and got a job  at Walmart standing at the door  as a greeter . She also worked at the VFW when she wasn't playing bingo LOL . She had a friend  who  had a lot of health problems  who had passed away after she did  but  when my grandmother was here , she would take care of her .  She would go visit her , take her shopping , take her to her appointments , help her clean , they became good friends  and she was always there for her . I asked you  to please help me get a headstone for her  so people do not continue to walk all over her. I find it so disrespectful when people walk all over the Graves when they know that someone is buried there. No I can't blame people when they don't know that my grandmother is not there. So please help to let people know that my grandmother is trying to rest in peace. Please help her rest in peace! Thank you in advance and I'm giving this a year because my grandmother's birthday just passed and I'm hoping to have it by her birthday next year. She always wanted to get a bench so people could sit and talk to her while they visit. That's what I would like to do for her if possible. She deserves that and so much more. She's very loved. Thanks again! 

Also I will have a Secret gift for the top 5 donations

Just tell me if you want something for a male/female/child and the age of the person and you will receive a secret gift from me.

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