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Benny Rohan

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Help Corona Victims

From Benny Rohan

im raising funds for people who are qurantined. They need food, water and essentials supplies. Also this fund will go to NGO's who are helping people affected with pandemic.

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About Me

Im a 21 years old living here in Bhutan wanting to do something for people and the government. Yhe finds raised from here shall be given to NGO's and government to help people figjy coronavirus. A simple test kit and a test carried out on a person is an average of 70,000-100,000 INR so i thought we really to help the peoples.

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World is suffering from fatal CORONA, With the number of cases worldwide of the novel coronavirus surpassing 150,000, with some 6,000 deaths, governments across the globe continue their struggle to contain the pandemic. Their hope is to limit the number of new infections, while treating those individuals suffering from COVID-19 and isolating others whose symptoms are not as severe but who might spread the disease.More than 1 billion people live in extreme poverty. Your gifts will be used to provide food to hungry children and families, provide safe shelter to those lacking a roof, and provide poverty-stricken communities with supplies.

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