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I am raising money to stop bullying 2 promote good behavior. It will go towards items to be successful, to feel welcomed and important .I have a pilot program set up with community schools. Stop the suffering in silence.

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My son started being a bully at seven he’s now 16 and weighs 400 pounds at 6 feet tall, he’s the sweetest most kindest, gentle soul;yet his friends were his teachers because he could not connect with children. Because of how mean they were,  they didn’t see him for the great person that he is .They saw him as a target ,as a way to make themselves feel better by picking on him Every day as every night he cries. He has a hard time going to school still. So together our idea is to help identify the children who are the bullies and Those who are bullied. Give each of them gifts and tools to help them succeed whether it’s clothing  to feel better about themselves or money for food that they might not have , or shoes because they feel different An need to fit in. I will help them connect with their anger While supporting them with their academics. See we have fire drills for fires ..yet have you ever had a fire in your school ?? No..  yet bullying takes a life almost every day , we need drills that teach kids how to deal with all of this. An so with my campaign we Will shine a light and give hope to the hopeless and hearts to the lonely. Together we can change the future of our youth With your help others will finally feel loved and supported . So thank you!

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