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  My request is something that can feel useless and futile but for me is not. I’ve always wanted to be a singer and to learn how to play as much instruments as possible.

   The family that I live in is not poor but do all the things I need and some more, and I am really expensive if you ask. I had to do treatments for bipolar disorder and I just decided to stop because I found out how much that costs and how many problems I was giving.

    I feel really heavy and useless so I’ve decided that the next thing that I wanted I was gonna achieve alone, so here I am, trying all the ways to make money to buy a bass guitar.

  I tried so many sites and they’re all a scam, I know that there are people out there that need the money more than me but I am simple asking: “could you please give me 150$ so I can buy a bass guitar?”  I would be eternally grateful. If you read it till here, thanks :)


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