Raising Universal Equality Flags for Humanity

Raising Universal Equality Flags for Humanity

From Yvonne Brooks

Hi, I'm fundraising to raise funds for the production of Universal Equality flags in over 100 languages, as well as raising funds for 30 product ideas and design sketches.

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Benefit and Value of Flags

Flags are more than culture and national politics; they are also an identity that makes you stand out in your beliefs and understanding. Aside from race, color, or region, flags instill a sense of belonging, hope, and passion for equality and humanity.

Our Vision and Mission

Beamset is an enterprise that provides products, services, innovation, arts, entertainment, and technology that promote the concepts of Social Design and Universal Equality.

Through Social Design, we at Beamset use our voice to make an impact in society for humanity, equality, well-being, and a sustainable planet and prosperity.

Overview and Influence of the Project

The world is revolving around and moving forward in the arena of Social Design and Universal Equality for a sustainable future for people and the planet.

United States diplomats in Nigeria, led by Ambassador Mary Beth, had a groundbreaking of the U.S Consulate in Lagos in March 2022 with the support of the Nigerian government and people.

The home country, America, broke ground on a $537 million project in Nigeria, in the city of Lagos. Upon completion in 2027, the project is expected to provide employment to an estimated 2,500 people, When completed, the project is expected to be the largest American consulate in the world.

Description of the Universal Equality Flag

1. It's Composed of Five (5) Vertical Colors.

2. It is a Chromabeam, not a Rainbow.

3. It is Blue in the Center; Planet Earth is Blue.

4. For Ecological Earth, the Flag Changes Green into Different Shades of Light, Medium, and Dark Green.

Target Market

Domestic (USA) and International

List of Other Product ideas

1. Multiple Versions of the Flags

2. Children's Books on the Flags

3. Coffee Cups

4. Jewelry

5. Coloring Books

6. Hats and Caps

7. Clothing

8. Videos

9. Glow Lights

10. Wall Art

11. Birthday Party Theme

12. Toys and Stuffed Animals

13. Stationery/Notebooks

14, School Supplies

15. Gift Packages

Proposed Completion of the Project

The proposed completion of the project is a continuous and ongoing effort.

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