BBdoll Review

BBdoll Review

From Lamia Jonas

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Today we are talking about a new company to me. I don’t know the company at all although I am a big fan of sex dolls for many years.

I heard about the company from one of my friends, he has bought a

small breast silicone sex doll

from the company, the doll with 160cm and F cup, the following is the picture.

The price of the silicone sex doll is $1899, I am a little surprised it is much lower than other silicone sex dolls, the normal silicone sex doll will be more than $2500, I double the quality problem and ask my friend, he said the quality is even better than others and really 100% silicone, as some company using TPE body and silicone head to decrease the cost.

The good quality and low price of the doll attract my interest. So i search lots of info about the BBdoll company and know they are not a new company and established 4 years ago, but their first product in the market was back in October 2020,

What did you do during the first 3 years, the design, test, adjust their sex doll for 3 years, did more than 50 kinds of tests to make sure the product is natural and no problem.

As I know the BBdoll only focuses on a silicone sex doll, they don’t have the TPE sex doll, although the TPE is the most popular sex doll in the market, and take up more than 95%. There are only 6-10 companies that can make the silicone sex doll, the price is much higher as their small quality production and high cost. All these are different in BBdoll, they are a big company that can make 1000+ silicone sex dolls every month, while the normal company can make less than 50 every month. The big quality reduces the cost and increases efficiency, so their price is much lower than others.

This is really good news for the fans of silicone sex dolls, the high price makes them have to turn to TPE sex dolls before. The company gives a good chance for people to experience the silicone sex doll.

But if you are not sure and don’t have enough confidence in the company, you can try their doll heads first, with more than 40 kinds of dolls for choice. I am sure you will love their doll after testing the head.

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