Bail Fund For Tony Soto

Bail Fund For Tony Soto

From Rand Cadmus

This is a fund raiser to help Tony Soto's family pay the "blood money" bail to free him from being kidnapped with no trial date in sight. The Court recently dismissed all charges. DA never let him out and recharged Tony

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UPDATE: Several off site donations came in the past several days. I've lowered the crowdfund to $4,000.00 which leaves us $2,750.00 short now!!!!  

Thank you for your support.   If you would prefer to give off this crowd-fund site -- please reach out to me and will get you in touch with Tony's family and/or the Bonding Company.  

Who is Tony Soto:  

Tony is a highly prolific 4th Am. Civil Rights Proponent and Activist who hales from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA, ironically.  Internet viewers have followed his  "reality" activism which capitulated when one of the many traffic stops he has been oppressed with was recorded  and immediately went viral on social media with millions of views.

From there,  people either loved him or hated him.  Law Enforcement trolls regularly scowered his social media profile and page to hurl insults and accusations about his background when he was a teen and early adult growing up in Philly.  

However, the proof is in the pudding -- police officers have been fired because of his activism; chiefs of police have been removed because of his activism. A  twenty-three (23) year veteran District Attorney was voted out of office based on Tony's activism and raising awareness to the "grand jury" shenanigans that the DA engaged in to protect five (5) officers who shot an unarmed black man 23 times in the back and killed him. 

Tony has prayed with police officers after protests and marches.  He reaches out to the homeless and helps the needy --- And after looking the Dragon in the face -- and telling it to straighten up...  The abyss has looked back at him with "kidnapping", a previous 900,000.00 bail and no trial date in the foreseeable future.  

Why is Tony Soto in Jail?

Tony is accused of three (3) counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.  One of the counts is on a police officer.

How Long Has Tony Been In Jail?

Until this week, May 15, 2018,  Tony has been incarcerated with effectively no bond and no trial date for over two (2) years.

What has Happened To Tony Since He Was Illegitimately Locked Up?

Well.  His mother, who he was her caregiver, had stage 4 cancer and was a witness to the incident -- she has since passed away while Tony has remained  "kidnapped" the entire time. She died never seeing her son outside bars again.

His fiance' which was 8-months pregnant at the time of the incident  -- she birthed Tony's only child, a little boy. 

How Did Tony Manage To Get Charged With Such Serious Crimes?

We have read the entire discovery and the case file Tony directed his previous attorney to share with me.  I can say that this case is beyond retarded and without merit for several reasons. First being that the uniformed police officers who were flagged down and arrived during the incident searched Tony and he had no weapon.  The firearm fairytale came in after the off-duty cop conspired with his sister and her boyfriend to say Tony had it (knowing it was Tony Soto) Third, this incident happened on Tony's fiance's property.  The assailants were intentionally tresspassing on his property when it was clearly post: No Parking/Trespassing or You Will Be Towed.

Please Explain or Summarize the Material Facts Surrounding the Incident to Me.

Ok.  No problem.  Tony was the caregiver for his mother who had stage 4 cancer. She was at Tony's fiance's home.  Tony had purchased some groceries and drove to the house but was unable to park the car in the driveway (which has a posted no trespassing sign and a Towing Notice).  However, he could not park in the driveway because an off-duty cop and his sister kept parking their car in their driveway.  Tony drove to the front of the house - parked and then walked around the back of the house and was on the phone with the Towing company reading the tag numbers off to the dispatcher.  As he was doing that, the off-duty cop, his sister and her boyfriend approached Tony and began an argument with him.  

Tony's mother an "8-month pregnant" fiance heard the commotion and went outside to assist him.  As they walked away from the altercation, Tony was assaulted by the men.  Tony defended himself and ran to the street while being jumped by the police officer.  As they fought in the street, Tony's mother flagged a patrol car down to assist Tony not knowing one of the assailants was a police officer.  Once Philadelphia Police Dept. discovered or possibly he was set up from the beginning --- that it was Tony Soto, they took him to jail, made up the fairtale about him pointing a gun at the assailants (on his fiance's property) and the Court immediately set a bond at $900,000.00.  

Tony has been in jail since May 13, 2016 because he could not post such an absurd bond.  Further, the Court has intentionally failed to set a trial date for two (2) years;  attempting to squeeze Tony into  taking a plea deal which he refuses to do.

What is the Status of Tony's Case Now?

Well, this week, May 15, 2018, the Court finally dismissed all the charges on speedy trial grounds; however, it was all part of a legal vortex and a boondoggle. The District Attorney's office "recharged" him again and he never got out of jail.  However, this time the Court did lower the bond to $75,000.00.  (10% is required to get him released)

UPDATE:  The crowdfund has been lowered from $10,000.00 to $7,500.00 because Tony's fiance sold his motorcycle for $2500.00.   

Aren't  the Philadelphia Police and Prosecutors Just Doing Their Job?  They Are Not Corrupt.... Are they?

What Can I Do To Help Tony and The Community?

You can do several things:

1.) Donate to help Tony pay this "blood money" to get out so he can a.) take care of his family; and b) prepare his defense to these ridiculous and false charges that have been placed in retaliation against him; and 


3.) The Bail is $7,500.00; however the Crowdfund is for $10,000.00 to pay the fees and to give Tony a little money when he gets out.  He's been down for two (2) years and could use some change to start off on this process through the corrupt Philadelphia Legal System.

How Do We Know This Tony Soto Guy Is Really A Good Guy?:

Tony Soto Police Activism:

Tony Soto Leading Protests in Martinsburg WV:

Tony's Criminal Past:

Tony is in his late 20's.  When he was a teen -- he took a plea deal on a federal charge of  'straw purchase' of a firearm.  That's when you buy a gun then give it to someone who is not suppose to have a gun according to the law for multitude of reasons; some being 1) mental health issues 2) age; or 3) being a convicted felon who has not restored their rights.  

He plead out in the face of pressure from a public defender who was telling him he that he would fry  if he did not take the plea deal when he was a teenager; not mentioning that he qualified for a diversion program as a first time offender.   

When you are (18) you don't understand those things when you grow up in a City like Philly.  

The several other charges the Philly Police publish are nonsensical or  were dismissed by the Court (which they won't tell you in the articles) when he was younger (teens).  

There is a question about a fire marshall 'badge' he flashed in one of the activist videos to the camera but not to the cop.  This was right after Brandon Tate Brown, Tony's good friend, was shot while unarmed in his vehicle by a Philly cop.   These kinds of tactics usually will cause a cop to not pull a gun out and shoot the unarmed black male if there may be a hint or suggestion that the person has status or may be important enough to get the cop charged.  Chalk it off as a porcupine technique to save him from being shot for reaching for his registration or paperwork.  

Nevertheless, Tony's accomplishments significantly outweigh any burden he may have  been on society when he was a teenager.  He should not be thrown away to the legal system. The Government should not be allowed to perpetually violated citizen's  Right to a reasonable bail and a Speedy Trial.

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