Baby Shelton

Baby Shelton

From Wendy Shelton

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To My Friends and Family,

I am writing this letter because I need your help.


As most of you know, I’ve been trying to have a baby for years. Trust me, I’ve tried about every option out there. It’s been quite a journey for me.


Honestly, what has kept me away from adoption for the past few years has been the high cost involved. I have always been a self-sufficient lady. I work hard, have a good job that I love, I own my own home. I can take care of myself and a child, no problem. But it’s hard for me to imagine raising a child on my own (which I know will be challenging enough) while also burdened with a huge financial debt. But recently I heard about a family that was in a similar financial situation and simply asked their community for support. They were able to fundraise much of the adoption cost and avoid starting their family under the burden of large debt. This gave me hope.


So here’s the hard part. I need help raising the money. It’s so hard for me to ask for help, especially financial help. I have always prided myself on being self-sufficient, on taking care of my own business. Those of you who know me at all know that I spend a lot of time giving of myself. With great joy! I’ve been teaching social studies at Jefferson High School in North Portland for 15 years. I’ve poured my passion and energy into my work and I have loved every minute of it. I am also supportive of and giving to my family and friends. It is a big part of who I am. But now I realize that I need help. I need to find the strength to ask my friends, my family, and my community for support.


Boys and Girls Aid has been helping find homes for children for 127 years. They are the oldest adoption agency in Oregon. They work with local families, finding homes for children born in Oregon and Washington. They spend the time to counsel and nurture everyone involved in the process: the birth family, the adoptive family and the child. There is support and counseling for all involved during every step of the way. I feel really good about working with this group to find my baby.


Adopting a child through Boys and Girls Aid costs $25,000. Yep. There it is. I am saving every bit I can and will be putting in every dollar towards that cost. I am hoping to raise the rest as soon as possible. The $25,000 gets paid out over time, some at the start of the process and some right when the baby arrives. It could take two weeks or two years to be chosen as an adoptive parent. I might have plenty of time to raise the needed funds, or I might need it soon.  I have no way of knowing, so the sooner the better. 


I understand that for many people finances are tough. We all have things we are saving for or bills we are struggling with. I’m just asking you to give whatever you can. Five dollars or five thousand dollars ;) I am grateful for every contribution that helps me get my baby. One of my favorite phrases is “Many hands make light work.” If all my friends and family give a little bit, I will get there.


My community is what has made me who I am today. My students and colleagues. My friends. My family. I am so excited that my future child will be a part of this community, will grow and be loved by it. And my raising money for this adoption will be a part of my child’s story, about the community that loved them even before they came to me. I will be teaching my child about what I believe—that when you give to your community and to your world, you get it back tenfold in so many ways. Whether you are able to give to my cause or not, you will be a part of this story I tell my child. My child will know that we are not alone.


             If you want to learn more about Boys and Girls Aid, check out


With much love and gratitude,


Wendy Shelton 


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