Support A Black Mama Birth Outside the Medical Institution

Support A Black Mama Birth Outside the Medical Institution

From Chinasa Porter

The medical industrial complex continues to strip away Black birthing people's rights to their own bodies. Support a new Black mama in their journey towards radically bringing forth life into this world.

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Hey family!

I am a Black Non-Binary farmer, and herbalist expecting my first baby. 

For the safety of both myself and my child, I have chosen to remain anonymous at this stage. 

Preparing for my baby to come Earth side, there are many things to check off the list. Right now I am living in a house with 12+ people and a rat infestation, along with black mold and an evil landlord who is constantly harassing me and demanding more money or eviction. We also don't have adequate ventilation and the wildfires have made the air quality unsafe for my pregnancy. Although I have been able to make this work to the best of my ability until now, this situation will not be conducive to my seed and I, so I am calling in both immediate and long term housing solutions that will uplift me and my family/community.   

I am currently about 18 weeks pregnant. Baby seed is expected to join us from the astral realms to here on Earth in January, towards the end of the month. It is important for my well being as well as my child's, that I work predominantly with Black doulas and midwives, and that I am able to compensate them for their magical ESSENTIAL work. These funds not only cover the cost to compensate my midwives, but will also support my livelihood as I am born again through this journey. 

Bringing life into this world is opening a beautiful opportunity for me to listen and tend to my body. I am currently seeing a pre and post natal chiropractor for pre-existing conditions that need to be cared for in order to secure easeful safe labor and birth. 

The reason I am communing and collaborating with Black midwives and doulas is so that I may have a safe, easeful, and fully autonomous home birth. I do not frequent hospitals. They are not a place for Black birthing bodies, for Black mamas, or for Black people, period. It is my birthright to bring life into the world beside other Black women as well as my friends and family who fully support and keep me safe, as opposed to within hospitals where Black women disproportionately do not survive childbirth (an act of violence that targets Black bodies more than any other group of people in the United States). This is not accidental. The medical industrial complex in this country began as experimentation grounds where they tortured, dismembered and murdered Black bodies in the name of modern medicine and imperial expansion. We as Black people have every right to choose not to participate in a system that not only seeks to strip us of our bodily autonomy, but quite literally would rather us dead. So instead of participating in such a system, I choose to seek higher and better care for myself and my child outside of the oppressive and often deadly workings of the medical industrial complex.

With your support, these funds will be used for my birthing journey as well as the continued care that is necessary to bring myself, my child and my community forward in these times. This is my call to anyone who wishes to support, protect, and nurture Black people birthing Black babies into the world. 

Below is a list of long and short term needs where your funds will be allocated: 

  •             $7,500 Midwives/Postpartum care

  •             $400 Body Work/Therapy 

  •             $15,400 Immediate and long term housing 

  •             $2,700 Baby supply expenses 

    *If you cannot support financially but still have resources and connections you would like to offer, please send an email to:

    *If you are having trouble donating funds via this platform you can send money via venmo: @afrohobbitmama or cashapp: $hunnywitmoney

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