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Fundraising for 4 month old Owen

Owen Schmidt was born on 22 January 2013. He weighed a healthy weight of 3.95kg's, but was born with what the doctor's classify as a cleft palate. Owen has a split Uvula.

We've seen doctors and plastic surgeons regarding Owen's palate and all doctor's suggest that the only way to correct this issue is with surgery.

We have medical aid/insurance but they will not cover the hospital that the operation needs to be done at and, they want a upfront payment of R6000 before they will even consider the operation.

We have asked the doctor whether he'd be able to operate at a different hospital, but sadly, the only other hospital that he will operate at will also not be covered by the medical aid.

We asked the doctor's what the risk would be for not having the operation done or postponing the operation, but the risks are too high.

There's a 80-90% risk that Owen will have problems speaking, swollowing, eating and drinking. After the operation, he'll also need sessions with a speech therapist which is also quite costly.

My husband and I are trying our best to save money for the operation and cutting costs where we can, but sadly, we still won't have enough money by the 20th June 2013 (by which time, he'll be 2 days short of being 5 months old), which is when the operation will take place.

Our only other option is to try and raise the money.

I realise that asking for money during such financial times can be tough, but if anyone can help us out, it will be greatly appreciated (and I'll throw in a handwritten thank you :-) )

Help baby Owen speak :-)

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