Avoiding Eviction + Transportation for thotscholar and co.

Avoiding Eviction + Transportation for thotscholar and co.

From Moses Moon

Me and the fam were homeless and bouncing from hotel to apartment for 2 months this past winter. Patreon is no longer covering rent, and our income is still low. Raising money to get by and gain access to more jobs.

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Okay so, for those of you who may or may not know, my household and I were homeless and/or housing insecure unexpectedly for about two months this past winter. We originally went to live with my abusive mother who ended up making the 4 days we spent at her home a living hell and threatening us with the police because she apparently did not want my disabled partner or my children there (I have video footage of her behavior). It has been a long road to recovery from her attempt at sabotage, and me and my partner have both been picking up gigs left and right, however, neither of us have found anything permanent. 

Part of the reason is that we no longer have a car, and the buses here only run every 70 minutes on average. We basically sunk all of our money into storage for our things, car repairs on a shitty truck that we no longer have, travel, food, moving trucks, and hotels to avoid shelters while Omicron was going around. We got COVID in Decemeber in the midst of all of this. Now one of my gigs is ending AND my Patreon has fallen by about $400, which is a big chunk of income lost. I have been sick for weeks off and on, and this same gig won't be picking up till the Fall.

This means that we must raise funds to make it through the summer and possibly buy a new truck so that we can have access to more opportunities for employment in this city. We also still have very little furniture, and I am still uninsured, so right now I am paying for all my labs and medication out of pocket. I have a pregancy-related appointment coming up that I cannot afford to go to because I have not been able to get approved for Medicaid (I haven't been denied either so I don't qualify for the clinic's payment plan program LOL).

I know this is a lot, but I'm hoping that by sharing this widely I can raise enough money to pay these bills through the summer and get a car that can get us from point A to point B so that I can get to the doctor (I haven't been yet) and manage my health, and so that my partner can apply for better jobs. I put this off for 2-3 months because I was hoping that one of us would find something, and because fundraising opens me up to a lot of online harassment, but I now have no other options.

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