For Girl Lote - Mental Retardation with Autism Spectrum

For Girl Lote - Mental Retardation with Autism Spectrum

From Kristine Freimane

We can help Lote. Lote have Mental Retardation with Autism Spectrum. Therapy very help growing up and integrate into society.

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Lote, born 2007, Riga, Latvia.

Aim: Rehabilitation and Education with an Assistant.

Donations for 2019-2022 require: 41000 EUR

At the age of two, a psychiatrist discovered that a mental retardation with autism spectrum was developing, leading to a different life. Lote has difficulty pronouncing words correctly, putting them in sentences, telling an idea and forming a story, just as she has difficulty understanding what people are telling her and asking her. Very often and for a long time, without a reason, repeat one phrase you have learned to say. As well as a delay in the development of the body was noticed. As a result, a number of complications arise as you grow larger. In her feeling, standart schooling is very complex. On a daily basis, there are many professional assistants with Lote (asistent, psychologist, psychiatrist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, special educator, music therapist, horses, dolphins, animals, yoga teacher and etc. helpers). We have done a lot so far. However, development is still stalled and we still need to invest a lot of energy and patience in the development of the lovely girl Lote.

Lote loves to draw, sing, walk with horses, talk and make friends with animals and birds, swim with dolphins, dance, create beautiful figures from clay, handicrafts. She is more smiling, positive, responsive, communicative in all classes and lessons with all teachers and therapists. The lot is very good at assembling intricate puzzles and beautiful drawings. With great pleasure, Lote goes to school every day and wants to learn something new and understand the essence of the world around him.

From 2010, Lote received support for alternative eduacation with asistant and lot of therapy. After dolphin therapy, Lotei has developed body movements very well, reduced panic attacks from great fears and unknown situations, and improved understanding and perception. Other therapies have also to helped Lote put words into sentences and pronounce them more fluently. However, the development delay is still very noticeable. Please support Lote in development even now.

Currently, since 2015, Lotes mother has had a serious deterioration in her health and disability (rheumatoid arthritis with deformity of the asteoporosis in the bones, which contributes to limited body movement and side effects from taking strong medicines). But Mom is trying wholeheartedly and to the best of her ability to work to earn and help Lote with therapies and the development of alternative education. Of course, what mother earned is not nearly enough for all this expensive therapies.

A mother who does everything alone is asking for public support so that Lote can provide:

For 1 year therapys and education is needed:

*Alternative school with Assistant, 9 months - 3000 euro;

*Music Therapy, 60 lessons - 600 euro;

*Dance and Movement Therapy, 60 lessons - 600 euro;

*Yoga Therapy, 60 lessons - 900 euro;

*Art Therapy, 60 lessons - 600 euro;

*Therapeutic gymnastics on horseback, 60 lessons - 900 euro;

*Teacher for children with developmental disorders, 60 lessons - 650 euro;

*Therapy course with Dolphins 10 lessons (plus travel expenses) - 3000 euro.

To provide Lote with rehabilitation and education services, a total of about 10 250 euro is needed per year, and for 2019-2022, 41000 euros are requested from donors.

Lotes mother sincerely thanks all the supporters and the hope for Lote full development has thanks to you.

Any amount makes a difference!

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