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The purpose of the Aussie Dog Mission is to create a place for full lifetime retirement, rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming if possible, out of truly loving care for man’s best friend. Our dogs.

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Aussie Dog The Mission

A Vision, A Heart of Hope

Helping Human & Canine Hearts and Souls

   The purpose of Aussie Dog is to create a no-kill place for full lifetime retirement, rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming if possible, out of truly loving care for man’s best friend. Our dogs. We all know we can’t save all unwanted and abused canines.

We can save and help as many as we truly try too. There is nothing that pulls on my heart as hard as the eyes of the abused and unloved, not just canines, this includes people. Aussie Dog is as much for people young and old as it is for dogs.

 There are too many people; down, hurting, troubled, hopeless, and challenged to a point where the, I Give Up, kills the hope of life. All Life, be it Animals or Man can have their spirit broken. I have seen it in people and horses and dogs and other animals. I have been broken before, so I do relate to people and to animals when the light in their eyes (Their Spirit) has grown dim.

Aussie Dogs Mission through donations and the sales of our products, Is to rekindle The Spirit of Life for Man and Dog, for them to experience life and love once again

Aussie Dog at present is a newly birthed vision. In searching throughout the internet, I have found nothing like this type of rescue facility. We are in the beginning stages trying to acquire the farmland needed to create this kind of facility. This size scale type of mission rescues requires large scale funding, sponsors, members, volunteers, and employees with the same heart, soul, and mind as myself, that will truly make a difference for people and dogs in need.

I can only bring this vision and mission to reality with your support and marketing our brand products. This is a movement, to hopefully be the model for other large scale rescues, that could truly end the problems shelters contend with regularly of overpopulation. I ask you to help us, support this cause, donate today or purchase. For more information visit   Tab /  Aussie Dog Mission

Aussie Dog’s Three-Stage Vision

Stage 1

 First Step – The Purchase - 242 acres of land for security, and generations to come to accomplish the mission. Permits and fees. State registrations.

Second Step - New full perimeter fencing - For the safety and security of the establishment and the safety and security for the canines.

Third Step - The Vet Care Center and Kennels - Complete Care Center for the health and rehabilitation of the rescued and unwanted canines. Complete with kennels and grounds. Hiring Veterinarian and Vet Techs, Caretakers, Trainers, and Groomers. Also will be receiving applications for volunteers. Background checks are processed on all personnel and volunteers for the security, safety, and wellbeing of the establishment, the animals and the mission. We also will be offering services to the public in financial destress cases whose dog needs; Emergency care, Shots or General care, Spaying or Neutering.

Fourth Step - Storage Facility - For all inventory, supplies equipment

Fifth Step - Cemetery ‘’The Peaceful Sleep’’ 2 with solitude and picnic tables, fountains, garden ponds. home with sitting area and small kitchen and porch, swing and other amenities.

Sixth Step - Aussie Dog Offices - Aussie Dog Jobs and Internships; Printers, IT Techs, Web Techs, Social Media Techs, Grounds Techs, Marketing Techs, Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Legal, Tour Guides, Maintenance Techs, Shipping & Receiving, Transporting, Lobbying Spokespersons, 

Stage 2

Aussie Dog Craft and Treats Country Store

Aussie Dog Print Shop

Jump for Joy  - and lounge 2- 5-acre playfields for rescue and retirement canines at Aussie Dog

 Splash and Dash - Wading and Swimming pools

 Stage 3

Aussie Dog Park -  1- 5 Public dog park grounds with all canine amenities, concessions for family’s and playgrounds and lounge, active games for kids

Aussie Dog Public Family Field Days Back Again

Fun & Games - Relay races, Tug a war, Kids roller bat, Put-put, Field goal kick, Roll the round bail relay,  wheelbarrow ride relay, Tie-dye the T, and many more. Pony Rides, Kids Crafts, Workshops,  Family/Farm & Dog Photos

Public Programs; Seniors Programs, Kids off Corners Programs, Love Thy Neighbor Programs, Public Office and Service Appreciation Days; Fire, Rescue, Police, Military, & Non-Profits  

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