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Aunt Kelley's House

From Kelley Casey

I'm raising money for my children in Africa who are trying to make it on their own. I help them become independent and get off the streets. Some have no family. They come to me for help, so I started a charity for them.

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As my kids were growing up, I was the cool mom who lived next to the park and kept my door open for the kids to use the bathroom and grab snacks. 15 years later,  these same kids still come visit me over 700 miles away in the next state over. I keep in contact with all of the those who call me Aunt Kelley on facebook and WhatsApp, and every once in a while I am able to help them out in life. Most of my American kids are doing well at the moment and don't need much help. Every once in a while, I may get a message that one needs help paying for a small bill, diapers or some food on the table. I don't like my babies to go hungry.  

Meanwhile, for some reason, I keep coming across kids in Africa who want to be friends with me on Facebook. Each one I have met in a different way.

Lukazz lives in Kenya, and we have become so close that he now calls me Mom. He is 19 years old and staying with guardians who were kind enough to put a roof over his head but also struggle to make it themselves. Lukazz's parents could not take care of him, and I have taken over the duty as his mother. I have been helping him and guiding him through life for almost a year now, and he has taken small steps in getting out on his own and taking care of himself. Just recently, we were able to get a bicycle for him, because he has also started school. I send him American music and youtube videos of anything and everything he is interested in, including the subjects he is studying in class. He has learned so much. His goal is to become a hair dresser/barber and work out of his own home someday.

A few months ago, I also met another young man who is a bit older than Lukazz. His name is Montana. He is 29 years old, and he lives in Guana. After getting to know him, he now calls me Aunt Kelley and so does his whole family. Montana has a wife, two young children, his brother and his sister living with him due to their parents recently passing away. All are younger than he is, and he is the head of the house trying to support them. He is a plumber and wants to go to school to get properly licensed for bigger and better jobs in his area....and someday open his own business. His wife stays home and tends to the children. The older of the two children is going to school, but in Africa it costs money for anyone to go to school...even the elementary grade level children. I help keep those bills paid, so the baby can go to school. That little girl is absolutely adorable, too. So cute.

The brother and sister need educations, so they can get started in careers too. Right now I have told Montana to look into how much a mailbox will cost, so that maybe I can mail some things to them to sell on the streets for a form of income. Any donations we receive could finance a starter kit of some kind for them, and their profits can pay for whatever they need to order after that. I am hoping to get them interested in possibly running a family business later on as a long term goal if they like selling the products we can get through customs. I hear we just never know what will make it through customs there. They are teenagers. So they are old enough to work, but not old enough to really start a career yet. They just need to learn to make some extra money to contribute to the household for now and peak their interest in making their own money for their own independence later.

Clothes....that is one thing they all need. Some don't even have shoes. I have not been able to get them clothes yet. I was able to pay for the school for the baby and a little food on the table before I realized I need more money than what I have to get them on their feet and stable again. They also need some mattresses, some toiletries, some medicines, and some cookware. They need simple things that we all take for granted, and I think I can get both Lukazz and Montana's family set up and going strong in life with a little help from you.

Because I seem to be a magnet to young ones who need a boost in life every once in a while, I have decided to start a charity foundation to fund these kids. I do know they are not children and are young adults, but they will always be my kids. I can't stand to see anyone go hungry, and they are at that age where they just need that boost to get on their feet. Everyone needs an occasional helping hand. I could just be a scholarship foundation and help these kids go through school....but then what? What if all one needs is help with is a deposit for their first apartment? Or what if they paid all of their bills, but still need $25  or something to buy food? What if one doesn't have enough money for a medication the baby needs to get rid of diaper rash? These things do not meet a scholarship criteria. Therefore, I will not specify exactly what the donations will go for before I received them. Instead....I will put out a monthly report of all the money received, sent out, and exactly what the money went for. You will always know EXACTLY where your money is going, which is more than you can say for some of these major well known charities. Hopefully, where your money goes will make you feel just as good as it makes me feel when I can put a smile on their faces. For donations more than $200, I can link you to one of the kids and they can thank you personally. You will also receive a monthly update on the young one you helped and how he/she is doing...including pics and videos.

I already have a website I am building, and a Facebook page for my current dog boarding business. I am designating a page on my website (soon to move to the domain and a section on my Facebook page @Aunt Kelley's House just for "Aunt Kelley's Kids".

On my website I have a store where you can buy various products to support the cause. Or...I also set up a donate button there where you can donate anytime you like even after this campaign is over. You are always welcome to follow me on my social media from there. I welcome you all. And thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you for your help and generosity. Have a bright shiny wonderful day. :) 

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