Atticus' Medical Bills

Atticus' Medical Bills

From Tyler Pachai

Im raising money for my 4 year old dog's medical expenses. While xrays are not showing what is wrong with him it appears a Cat Scan may finally give us answers.

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More Info

I am raising money for my 4 year old Siberian Husky, named Atticus.

The Story

Atticus has recently had a string of bad luck that veterinarians are having a tough time figuring out. The issues began a few months ago when I noticed that Atticus was experiencing some neck pains. As a current student of Veterinary Technology, and using common sense, I know that neck issues can be quite severe so I wasted no time taking him to the veterinarians. 

The first veterinarian I saw suggested that it may be a pinched nerve and prescribed him a steroidal treatment without doing an x-ray as these types of things don't show up on an x-ray. Unfortunately, Atticus had a fairly severe reaction to the steroidal medication. I came home expecting my dog to jump on me as he normally would, but instead he just laid there, in front of the door, not wanting to move even as I pushed his body with the door. I got him up and moving around after a few minutes and allowed him to go outside as I accessed the situation. That is when I started hearing screams and whimpers of pain as Atticus was having extreme pain as he was trying to both urinate and defecate.

Once I saw him in this much pain I quickly took him to Cornell Animal Hospital. The Veterinarians at Cornell suggested that I stop giving Atticus the steroid treatment and they prescribed him an antibiotic as they thought that the digestion issues were unrelated to his reaction to the steroids and a pain killer to help ease his neck pains.

All seemed well for a short amount of time after some rest but slowly it appeared as though the neck pain was returning. I took him in for X-rays to my primary veterinarian despite them thinking it was a pinched nerve, I could no longer stand to see my dog in as much pain as he was. The X-rays came back negative for anything and again my primary suggested that it was probably a pinched nerve, he gave me some stronger pain killers and sent me on my way.

The next unfortunate but unrelated issue that came up was that my dog starting having bad allergies and Benadryl wasn't quite doing the job. Another vet visit and a $120 allergy medication later and I was on my way and the expensive problem was solved.

Now the most recent issue that happened just this week. Atticus was just waking up from a nap and as he stood up to stretch he immediately started yelping in pain, loud enough and long enough to wake up everyone in the house. He is having a hard time both with standing and sitting without immense pain and he can't go up or down inclined areas.

 I took him to a third veterinarian today for these issues and the third veterinarian told me that basically they aren't sure what is going on and that they may be related to his initial neck issues. They told me they could do X-rays but the treatment would be the same with almost anything they found, which would be a large dosage of pain killers. The veterinarian then suggested that I go to Cornell Hospital once more to have them perform Cat-scans and possibly MRIs to see if those show something that perhaps an X-ray won't.

I left the veterarian's today with strong pain killers, which at the moment, don't seem to be doing a great job easing his pain, because at this point that is all I am able to afford. Sadly, between student expenses, recent car issues, and of course this medical mess as of late I have to ask for help from you to help Atticus.

The Costs

So essentially any money raised through this campaign will be used to:

1. Help fund a Cat-scan and/or MRI for Atticus.

2. Help pay off the lingering medical bills for Atticus.

In Closing

Thank you for taking even a moment to read about Atticus' story and considering to help us both out immensely. I love my dog more than anything on the planet and it is fair to say that I may not be here any longer if it wasn't for him being here when I needed him most. I will do anything in my power to repay the amount of love he has shown me over the 4 years I've been lucky to have him for.

Thank you again so much every donation and share means the world to me.


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