Assisted Suicide - Christopher Mackey

Assisted Suicide - Christopher Mackey

From Christopher Mackey

I'm raising money to raise awareness about my case and to help pay bills. I was being Harassed in Massachusetts and the harassment made me suicidal. If you can't afford to donate your comments mean just as much.

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Christopher Mackey

Bachelors Degree: Psychology & Business Administration

Associates Degree: Criminal Justice

(Graduated Magna Cum Laude)

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     I am starting this Fundly page not just because I need the money but also because I need people’s help. Some of what I am explaining here seems unreal but I am not lying and I am not wrong about a lot of what I said and I am saying.

     In Massachusetts, I was pursuing my MBA at Salem State University and I was being harassed because I complained about being discriminated against at Salem State University (They released my Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder which is a Disability under the law). I can’t afford for people to not know about everything that was done and is still being done despite leaving the state of Massachusetts. The actions of the State of Massachusetts cause a lot of psychological harm, and please keep in mind that my Mental Illness is characterized by emotional dysregulation and impulsiveness, and I was under and continue to be under a lot of stress (I have no history of psychosis or display any Psychotic Symptoms). A lot of what I show here isn’t the worst that they have done and when I figure out how to provide enough evidence to support everything else they did I will post it and some of the claims that I have are legal arguments that I don’t think have been given before (e.g., Attempted Manslaughter in the form of attempting to get someone to commit suicide and a new addition to the reasonable person standard, along with a defense of egregious government conduct though entrapment due to reckless government conduct – you will find out everything even if I don’t post it because I intend on talking about it and I want everyone to know what happened).

I had to leave the state of Massachusetts because the breadth of the harassment and the severity of it were intolerable. I am struggling to afford anything (It wasn’t by choice, the state made up several serious criminal charges and they were not stopping and even continued to make up charges after I left the state). I currently live in a hotel room, and I cannot afford the room let alone anything else including food and my Anti-Depressant which is ~$450 a month. One thing that I am most concerned about is affording healthcare because I need to see a psychiatrist and wanted to receive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation because I am currently taking the a high dosage of an anti-depressant and the highest I cannot afford and my not be enough. I will try to explain things the best I can, but I don’t know of any other way to help people understand what happened in Massachusetts other than to write a synopsis of the events and to show you some of what went on. I cannot afford for people not to understand what’s happening, and that is why I have provided you some documentation and evidence to go along with what is written.

The Mental Illnesses that I have are Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The depression that I have is influenced by external factors and I wasn’t born with a chemical imbalance as far as I know because I was always happy as a kid (The primary contributor to my depression is my levels of Stress and BPD amplifies the intensity of stress that I experience). Borderline Personality Disorder affects about 1% of the population and people who have it struggle with the ability to regulate their emotions and the behaviors that result from those emotions. Marsha Linehan, a psychologist and the creator of the therapy designed for people with Borderline Personality Disorder referred to people with BPD as Emotional Burn Victims”. In other words, things that would bother someone emotionally it would bother someone with BPD a lot more. Borderline Personality Disorder is stigmatized and Linehan has said for people with BPD “not to tell anyone you have Borderline Personality Disorder illness because it is stigmatized and they will be treated differently”. There are very few people that knew that I had BPD prior to what happened in Massachusetts. Some people in Massachusetts were saying Borderline Personality isn’t that Difficult to live with, when in fact it is probably one of the most difficult Mental Illness’s to live with (If  you watch the video in the link see the section on behavior). If you google “what is the most difficult mental illness to live with” you will get about 2 references to bipolar disorder, 2 references to Schizophrenia, and about 17 references to Borderline  Personality Disorder/BPD. It is even harder to deal with when you suffer from depression. With Depression you wake up exhausted and have to go throughout your day feeling exhausted, you lose interest in things you once enjoyed, and have a feeling of hopelessness. With both Mental Illness’s I am much more likely to commit suicide than

Where it began

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Salem State University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Psychology. Back in 2017 I began pursuing my Masters in Business Administration at Salem State University’s because I enjoyed getting my undergraduate degree there and figured it would help as an introduction to management positions. I struggle at times with my Mental Illness, so I told disability services that I had a mental illness (disability) and they asked for documentation of a diagnosis, so I sent them my diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and briefly described how it affected me. After telling disability services what my mental Illness was, I found that people at the university found out what my mental illness was, so I assumed the University released my diagnosis without my consent and my diagnosis of BPD spread throughout the public. In 2018, I complained to Salem State University about my diagnosis being released along with some other issues related to accommodations and after I complained to them, I faced harassment that was impossible to stop or escape. The harassment only got worse the more I either complained about it or because I talked to people who were witnesses to some of the things that were said and/or some of the events that occurred in order to get evidence to support what was happening so that my complaints would be taken more seriously (I wanted the rumors to stop and I was not as concerned about being compensated for it back then). Harassment became a daily ordeal and as time progressed the situation escalated from Harassment to crimes being committed against me and even criminal charges being made up.

One thing that affected me a lot was a rumor that was started at Salem State that I was trying to sleep with someone who was married and the woman they were referring to, also a Salem State University MBA student, was not even married at the time they started spreading the rumor. The rumor surfaced around the time that I had a meeting with the President of the University in the beginning of 2019 because I was on the path to starting a career in financial advising and thought that I would need some help (in 2020, I would have been eligible to expunge and/or seal my record so I could say that I didn’t have a criminal record when applying for employment, licensing etc.). So, he set up an appointment and we discussed what I was doing with my life, career etc. The conversation ended and as I was exiting through his office door he told me to wait and then he went over to his desk and at the corner of his desk was a single business card sitting all by itself. He quickly looked at the both sides of the business card after picking it up and then said, “I have a wife and kids” and then handed me his business card (One side was English and the other side was in Chinese). The rumor that was started was about me trying to sleep with a woman that was married and she was Chinese (about 2% of Salem State University students are of Asian descent).

 The woman they were referring to did not get married until July of 2019 which was about 5 or 6 months after they initially started spreading the rumor. The rumor reached not only the University, but also my employer, the public, friends and family and the harassment became an almost daily occurrence. I was spit at, referred to as scum, people were making suicidal gestures to me one of which was displayed in the form of a person hanging himself with a noose around his neck, I was assaulted, my civil rights complaint was referred to as a “Manifesto” by a Salem District Court Judge, the woman that Salem State University said I was trying to sleep with, a Police Officer in Newton, along with some people I didn’t even know. People were making comments to me about the rumor and several people made comments to me about my diagnosis. I went to try and get a statement from the person that they said I was trying to sleep with (who is now married) so that I could stop the rumors. After I started talking to her and explaining to her what was going on and I said to her that I never tried sleeping with her,  she said “I Know”. Shortly after telling her that I thought they were trying to get me to commit suicide, she left the room and got emergency services in the hospital (she worked at a V.A. Hospital) we were in and the police came and sectioned me.

 I later found out that the witness who I was talking to made up that I was harassing her. I believe that the University told her to make it up because she was in contact with the Salem State University police prior to the harassment prevention order being filed and she filed it in Salem District Court which didn’t have jurisdiction over her residence as required by the 258E Statue. I had my Discrimination/Civil Rights complaint in hand with me when I went to talk to her and I was trying to explain to her what was going on and I think someone at Salem State University told her to say that I was in her office threatening to kill myself if she didn’t sleep with me or date me. In the Harassment Prevention Order hearing she also made up that I was talking to her in the context of wanting to kill myself if she didn’t sleep with me or date me. She wasn’t being harassed and the judge knew that based on why I said I was there which was to talk to her about the complaint and by the fact that I had a civil rights complaint in hand when I went to talk to her that had a statement on it that said that Salem State University was spreading a rumor that I was trying to sleep with a married woman (when the university started the rumor they didn’t tell anyone that she wasn’t even married yet or who she was) (Filed w/ the OCR in June of 2019). She wasn’t being harassed, the judge instructed her not to answer the question as to why she got emergency services, and he was being overtly rude to me and wasn’t acting as an impartial arbitrator. He granted her the order stating that he found her testimony credible, and it wasn’t credible. She didn’t bring up one instance that qualified as harassment other than the statement that she made up (Under section 258E Harassment has to be willful and malicious and in my case it was neither). (Because it was clear that she wasn’t being harassed, the judge wasn’t acting impartial or professional, the judge had a copy of the civil rights complaint that stated that Salem State University was spreading the rumor that I was trying to sleep with a married woman, the harassment prevention order  was filed in the wrong jurisdiction , it was not granted  pursuant to chapter 258E which is a requirement for not only granting one but to charge someone on violating the order, and most of all the fact that the University basically used the court hearing to cover up and/or try to get me to commit suicide the order is void). Void orders can be ignored because police officers and judges could lie on warrants, make fraudulent court judgements, and perjure themselves to give other officers probable cause to arrest someone, issue a warrant, conduct a search etc.  and the foundation of our laws are built protect the rights of people from government.

After the hearing people, were saying things such as “That’s what Borderlines do” and “That’s how Borderlines think”. (The university said trying to sleep with a married woman which is Sexual harassment and is a form of sex discrimination – The statements “That’s what borderlines do”, “that’s how borderlines think”, and the false rumor that I am “trying to sleep with a married woman” are direct evidence of discrimination. Suicidal threats gestures and Behaviors is the 5 criteria  of Borderline Personality Disorder and I believe that’s why the University told her to make that I threatened to kill myself if she didn’t sleep with me along with they would of wanted to make it look like I was suicidal for a different reason.

These are the main constitutional rights that are and were being violated (the 4, 5 and 14 are the main Due Process Amendments)

1 Amendment: the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. (The right to complain to the government without fear of punishment/reprisals/retaliation etc.).

4 Amendment: The right to be protected from unreasonable search and seizures and warrants must be issued by a judge and based on probable cause (Void 258E HPO means that the warrants issued off any violation of it or the terms and conditions of probation are not based on probable cause).

5 Amendment: Ensures the right to due process of law (See Henry Friendly’s list).

14 Amendment: no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Not to long after the harassment prevention order hearing, employee’s at my former Employer, students and staff at Harvard University (I was a dental patient at Harvard at the time and later worked as a temp for Harvard), and several other individuals were telling me that the restraining order is void. I was also told that the student that said everything in the harassment prevention order hearing retracted her statement and would now be honest, that she wanted to help me, she wanted to see me, she wanted to apologize, that she felt bad, that the police were trying to make me think they were going to arrest me, that I need to learn to “Trust” people  etc.  (If it was true that she took back her statement and was going to be honest it would of hopefully ended the harassment and it would have made it a lot easier to settle not to mention that she wouldn’t have called the police or have them violate me on the order). People would say some of these things to me practically every day. I think that people at Harvard University were telling me some of those things because they were trying to help the State and Salem State University because their story isn’t credible. I trusted Harvard and I went to talk to the woman again because I trusted Harvard University and some of the people who said it was void because it was in fact void and I didn’t think the police were actually going to arrest me because the state didn’t want me talking to that witness because it would be damaging to Salem State University and the State because they involved a judge and if they did arrest me when they told me some of the things they told me it could be witness intimidation (I would not go and talk to her if I wasn’t told by Harvard students and staff and other people that she took back her statement and was going to be “Honest”).

I was put in jail repeatedly because of this and in jail I struggled to get an increase in dosage on my medication and I repeatedly wrote messages to the prescriber in jail asking them to increase my dosage of my anti-depressant. I had to have my parents to send the picture of the prescription bottle that I am taking so that they would finally give me the dose I was taking on the outside). I still needed a higher dose because of the circumstances, and it wasn’t given to me, so I succumbed to trying mood stabilizing medications that the prescriber was constantly pushing on me).

At a later point in time the Police officers  in Ipswich MA made false statements on a police report that was sent to other police officers that were told to arrest me and they said that I was “Schizophrenic”, that “I had a history of being assaultive and combative towards police officers ((Newton District Court pressed assault against a police officer charges against me that had no basis for them and were later dismissed (Nolle prosequi)). A Newton Police Officers said that I “Reved” my engine and backed up towards the officers and I think that they made them up because It took them close to a year to look at only a few seconds of the security video that they had to review to see that no assault occurred and to see that I didn’t “rev” my engine as it said on the police report (If I rev’d my engine I believe that would constitute assault because it would have been a purposeful action that put the officers in fear and remembering whether or not someone revved their engine isn’t something they would simply forget)– although these charges could explain that the Ipswich cops may not have known that the assault didn’t happen it doesn’t explain any of Ipswich PD’s other statements)”, that I was “Off of my medications for several days” (I was taking my medication (anti-depressant and antiepileptic drug -used as a mood stabilizer) as prescribed and I even had them on me when I was arrested. I have never had any symptom of Schizophrenia. There is no way they could of known whether or not I was on my medications (My prescription was regularly filled and It was documented that I was taking my medications before and after they arrested me that night).

More recently either the D.A. or the Judge in Salem District Court made up that I intimidated a witness, and that witness was a Judge and I was charged Four months after they said it occurred without any mention anything related to witness intimidated whatsoever in between. They said it occurred in the beginning of June of this year and I had no idea where they got that charge from, and I wasn’t charged until after I left Massachusetts for Texas. I tried to call both Salem District Court and Salem Police Department to try and get a copy of the complaint or an idea as to what the charges are about because I had no idea why they were charging me with witness intimidations, and they wouldn’t give it to me (they told me I would get it through discovery).  I had to fly from Texas to Massachusetts to attend the arraignment. In court when I was being arraigned the description of the charges were not even read off. I was able to take pictures of the complaint when my attorney was talking to me about it and on the report was a reference to the Judge and it said I referred to him in a hallway as a piece of shit and then breaking a piece of glass in the hallway. Currently the case is still open against me.

I shouldn’t be convicted of any of the charges that I am facing and if I am it will hurt my ability to be employed and eliminate a number of career paths, prospects in education, and I will not be able to travel to certain countries. Alone, I am helpless in getting the issues that I am still facing in Massachusetts resolved because so many people lied and are going to lie, and the court system has not been treating me fairly (a lot of them know that restraining order is void and that the University did what they did to try and cover up the spread of that rumor among a number of other things). Not only that but people have been lying under oath and committing crimes against me and nothing is being done to stop people from committing more crimes (No Arrest have been made and no Charges have been filed so the people who are committing crimes and even people who haven’t committed them against me are much more likely to commit them). If people do not donate then they will continue with what they have been doing and will not stop, settle, give me any kind of justice, or charge anyone with the crimes they have committed (a lot of the crimes that were committed are serious felonies). I am concerned that more things will be made up and I am struggling to get my license back because the DMV said that I was an Immediate Threat and used the assault with a dangerous weapon charge that were made up to justify taking it away from me when there was no assault (The failure to obey was the original reason that was given as to why It was taken away from me but the judge only suspended my license for 30 days and I have been without it for over a year – I should have been found not guilty but the judge wouldn’t allow a continuance to another day in court. I needed a continuance because the attorney that had all the discovery did not attend my trial, the judge refused to let me testify in full about why I was in a state of duress, and he wouldn’t allow my family to testify about what happened either). I was afraid of going back to jail as I was getting more and more depressed, and my dog was dying of degenerative myelopathy at the time and he didn’t have much time left).

I have tried solving this issue through the court system and it is not something that can be accomplished without public knowledge of what they are doing. For example, the Salem District Court judge in the 258E hearing referred to my civil rights complaint as a “Manifesto” and it certainly isn’t, he was visibly frustrated in the hearing and what the Salem State University woman who filed the 258e against me was saying made no sense at all and she wasn’t being harassed. Those charges shouldn’t have been filed against me and my motions to dismiss the charges have been ignored and I was declared incompetent by the judge who would get convicted of serious felonies if she knows the restraining order is void and was and continues to enforcing the terms and conditions of probation etc. (Violating someone’s civil rights  under the color of law + false imprisonment + Fraud etc.) My family was told that they would get convicted if they came forward with information about the case in regard to telling me I could go and talk to the person who had a harassment prevention order against me, so they were afraid to come forward as witnesses in the case. In the courtroom my attorney said “everyone knows that it’s void” referring to the restraining order and I was still put in jail because of it despite the unenforceability of void court orders. Five Newton cops made up that I assaulted them with my truck and it took them close to a year to a year to dismiss the case and charges haven’t brought against them. Also for some reason, they didn’t take my license away for when they said I assault police officers with a dangerous weapon that they said was my truck, but they saw a reason to take it away because I failed to stop for police enforcing a void warrant (I didn’t speed and then I fled on foot because I couldn’t get an increase dosage on my anti-depressant in jail, my suicidality got worse because of jail, my dog was dying of degenerative myelopathy and I am now on the max dose of an anti-depressant and I can’t go any higher). I tried to file a petition for removal with the Federal Court and they refused to hear my case despite me stating that I have evidence that supports everything I was saying and charges were still being brought against me. I submit motions to dismiss and stated that I have evidence, even recordings to prove my case and they don’t give me a hearing and ignore it. I can try appealing it but the court system has been insisting that it is error, not fraud, which would in turn mean that I face criminal prosecution and conviction (Distinction between void and voidable: The third exception allows a collateral attack “where ‘the injunction was transparently invalid or had only a frivolous pretense to validity.’ ” Fitchburg v. 707 Main Corp., 369 Mass. 748, 754, 343 N.E.2d 149 (1976), quoting from Walker v. Birmingham, supra at 315, 317, 87 S.Ct. 1824. This exception means that an enjoined person who disregards an order that is merely voidable, but not void, risks criminal prosecution and conviction. Commonwealth v. Felix Mareero MA app. Ct 2014.). The lawsuit that I filed was dismissed with the judge stating that my claim “wasn’t credible”, that my violations of the 258E resulted in a conviction which they did not, she also stated that the factual allegations that might support a claim of sexual harassment or a hostile environment are not plausibly alleged when I included actual evidence in the lawsuit including pictures, a copy of a motion to dismiss that I filed with concord district court that was never heard, along with a document that showed that I accused Salem State University of spreading the rumor that I was trying to sleep with someone who was married months prior to the woman in the restraining order hearing lying under oath and stating that I was in her office talking to her in the context of wanting to kill myself if she didn’t sleep with me or date me  (I included the evidence because I thought that the judge would dismiss it and wanted to show that she had solid evidence in front of her in case she did because I knew the state was trying to cover everything up).Since they have declared me incompetent to stand trial and represent myself I can’t do anything about the case or probably any case in Massachusetts because my attorney has to make all the decisions and not give me the chance to be heard (My attorney’s have not been helpful – they have made far too many mistakes in understanding the law as surprising as that sounds).

If I am convicted or the case is dismissed stating that I am not competent to stand trial, it will affect the rest of my life. In the latest court hearing the state has been trying to say that I am incompetent and that I cannot regain competency (Any psychiatric evaluation I undergo whether it is for court or for therapy sessions I will have to disclose to that I was found incompetent and have to face trying to convince a psychologist that so many people lied in a case and I lost it despite all the evidence that I had). I am competent, but I am depressed, and I would like to go into a partial hospitalization program down in Texas because my medications need adjusting and If I come off my anti-depressant to change to another one, It will increase my suicidality temporarily (The anti-depressant that I am taking isn’t working well enough. I would also like to fly back to Massachusetts so that I can get a copy of the recording of my Attorney stating that everyone knew that it was void, referring to the restraining order in open court.

Please Help

**I will refund everyone their donation once I settle or after the case is resolved if I decide not to (It’s a discrimination case that is worth a lot). It is mainly to pay my bills and to try and get the attention of the media because the court process in Massachusetts seems futile without. I also said that I would donate 5% of the settlement with the State of Massachusetts to Children’s hospitals. I am on the Maximum dosage of my anti-depressant and I am still depressed, if the State continues doing what they are doing without intervention, they will succeed. **

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