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We are fundraising to assist the low income in this COVID-19 pandemic. We will provide funds to cover bills that other local organizations don't.

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We are working on meeting the needs of families through bills not normally covered by other organizations. These bills could include: vehicle loan payments, vehicle insurance payments, unsecured loan payments, credit card debt, pet needs, small home repairs or repairs on your washer, dryer, or fridge. 

There are so many people struggling with this pandemic. Imagine being that single mother of 4 and working to pay all the bills. Your place of work was just shut down because several employees have been diagnosed with COVID. You might be able to pay the most important bills, just barely with your unemployment. But wait, you were paying off that credit card you used to buy things you needed for your children. Now you can't pay it on time, you are struggling paying your car insurance, you have to have it to keep your vehicle registered. Your credit is going down. When the pandemic is over you may not be able to pay everything that you are falling behind on. Now you are going to loose your home, loose your vehicle, have no transportation and you are going to court to be sued for that loan or credit card. All of the other organizations don't help with most of these bills. What are you going to do? 

That's where we come in! Don't let this happen to these families. We prevent these issues from arising. But only with your help!

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