Assist with School Fund and recieve a Frequency Treatment!

Assist with School Fund and recieve a Frequency Treatment!

From Sherrie OConnor

I want to continue my learning in Bio-feedback as I want to assist others to raise their energy and optimize their body. Scholarships or grants in this field at the age of 47 is not forthcoming.

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My journey all started when my mom became ill with Cancer and soon after became ill with colon polyps. I search many different treatments, nasty supplements and much more. My mom passed away, I continued to search for a natural way to heal myself. The other option was to have an operation that would leave me with a bag for my stomach at 22 years of age. Oh no, I did not want that. Finally, 23 years later, I found a Bio-feedback system! It took 2 more year to save up the funds to purchase the system and training. Now I am 47 years old and have been working on raising my frequency in all my organs down to chromosomes for over a year and 2 months. On August 2018, when I started my colon polyps was about a 10 (10 the highest-1 lowest) this year October 2019 my polyps are about a 2. I do not have insurance to get myself check but hope to in the near future. Right now I have more energy, less allergies and am overall healthier.  The Bio-feedback system also showed me that my heart was low energy, I did treatments on all related systems.  I am no longer short of breathe nor do I experiencing chest pains. As I know this system has assisted my health and others, I want to be able to assist more people in finding alternative ways to heal. I have gain a lot of knowledge from doctors and studying but I find clients want a degree for verification of what I have learnt which is why I would like to obtain my masters

For assessment and treatment, I require A full length picture from head to toe, palms facing forward, full birth name, date of birth, and blood type. 

The Bio-feedback system does not heal it only assists the body to vibrate at the correct frequency. This is not an alternative to medical advice, and that you should see a doctor if you think you have a medical condition.  It does IN NO CASE replace traditional MEDICAL TREATMENT and that it is not a cure.

If you have any questions please email me at In the subject put "Frequency Vibration question" 

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