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My son Ashton was in a biking accident over the 4th of July weekend. A cable snapped on his bike and wrapped around his gears sending him flying face first into the pavement. Luckily he was wearing his helmet which was pretty battered. He did have bleeding in his brain and a concussion but after a couple days in the hospital, the staff felt he was ok for release but had concerns with all the fractures, mostly around his maxilla which is the bone between his nasal passages and upper roof of his mouth. He broke his nose and also had his front tooth knocked out, and other broken off and chipped. His lips were pretty torn up inside and out, but the photo attached shows him after about 10 days after the accident when he had his stitches removed. The stitching that he received in Tahoe after the accident, and the amazing after care he received from (one particular nurse at Kaiser in Santa Rosa, which he had to go to every other day) helped him heal quicker than I have ever seen anyone heal. The doctors and nurses concurred. And the thought that surgery for his fractured bones also revealed unnecessary after the swelling subsided. Now that he can comfortably open his mouth, he just saw the dentist to assess the damage. The first option was a partial which he would not be a good candidate for since his gum was torn where the tooth was knocked out. The next option was a bridge but for a bridge, the adjoining teeth have to have crowns, and both adjoining teeth are still loose. It is still not determined if they will (be ok) after time, but we are hopeful the roots are still in good shape but the dentist said, unless the teeth are secure, there is no point in doing a crown on teeth that could become problematic.  In either case, an implant takes awhile to schedule and crowns too. He still needs work on some of his other teeth that got chipped and broke. Anyone who has had this kind of accident knows, it's very expensive and Ashton does not have any dental insurance. Any help towards his dental bills would be greatly appreciated. It's such a tough time for so many of us, but any amount would be immensely helpful. Thank You!!

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