Aruba Heart & Soul

Aruba Heart & Soul

From Davide Bugatti

We have decided to start doing something to help supporting the aruban people that lost their job The Gov doesn't seems to have a short term solution let s help the ones that always bring you joy when you're on vacation!

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Hello Fundraisers . 

my name is Davide Bugatti

i am 40 years old, born in Italy, a past everywhere , a present with my wife and kids in Aruba

My ultimate idea of being successful  is creating , producing and doing enough to give back as much as i can.

The island of Aruba is living one of its darkest times due to this global pandemic For an island where the economy is purely based on tourism, closing the borders to avoid the spread has been a disaster. Too many families have lost their job and the government does not seem to have a short term solution to that.With this social campaign we aim to collect funds for providing primary items for the most hit categories , pampers and powder milk  for the new mothers that lost their job and for providing to as many as we can .soon a lot of people will be without their life savings and it will become very difficult scenariowe are a movement that wants to protect our community and to avoid many people to go into desperation and act bad against their will or beliefs just to survive 

we all love Aruba , is not that difficult to, either you have been here for 30 years in a row , or you just saw some videos online or from your friend's pictures .

i love this island too and to see , and predict, what is happening here sounds unreal , like kind of a bad dream . 

We wish to wake up very soon and stand united to fight against this local depression 

i just wanted to do something active to help the most person in need in Aruba 

a very limited layer of people could easily survive with dignity this global sickness, the wider majority is living days of desperation and fear 

we know its worldwide and we are not alone in this  . i wish we could help together the whole world ..

i just hope to move everyone of you with our happy island  inside their heart to participate to all those families that are struggling , used to live month by month in their life but always open and ready to exchange a smile and good vibes with all of our tourists that are now missing on our wonderful beaches 

i think about them and i want to help them , together with all of you 

read the campaign description and also pls notes the gift we would love to send back to be grateful with you 

thanks for showing your care and love for our island that for many is an home away from home .

To anyone that will donate more than 25 usd we will show our gratitude by sending a postcard of Aruba with thanking for your gesture

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