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Hi! I am 21 years old and in July 2011 I had a car accident in Montenegro. My father was behind the wheel, because of him he got into the car from the opposite direction. The reason was that there was oil on the road and my father lost control of the car. Following the accident I suffered or fracture of the femoral neck, later strengthened the hospital in Podgorica, my father had a rib fracture and my mother a pelvic fracture. I was operated on in a hospital and later sent home to Romania. After the normal recovery period, in January my parents divorced due to quarrels and in March 2012 I started to suffer terribly in the hip area. I went to the hospital and the doctors discovered that I had femoral head necrosis, post-traumatic. After this news, I was hospitalized for 6 months continuously in recovery and motor rehabilitation centers (doctors' recommendation), but it is no longer successful. At this stage they are themselves in crutches and reach a deformation of the spine and hip service, subsequently and shortening of the limb 5-6 cm. I have been doing treatments from the age of 12 to 20 at the moment. My father paid absolutely nothing for recovery, treatments, orthopedic consultations, a2 surgery, etc. decad alimony imposed by the state. Currently all doctors recommend me to put it protected for sale for a situation not aggravated. Unfortunately, during this period, with a coronavirus, the state no longer provides protection for sale, and the intervention must be done privately, the cost can reach 10000 euros, care money to be able to provide.

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