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One of the latest members of the superfruit group, aronia berries are well-known for their assortment of health benefits that include immunity and cardiovascular support, in addition to aiding digestion. *

Aronia berries have recently gained in popularity with those who are looking to include more superfoods in their diets. Originating from North America, aronia berries are often referred to as chokeberries due to their mouth-drying, tart flavor when eaten. Aronia berries can provide an amazing boost of flavor to desserts, smoothies sauces, and other dishes. Take a look at some delicious recipes with aronia berries in the article!

Why Aronia Berries Outrank Others

They pack a potent punch! Aronia fruit is loaded with minerals and vitamins, such as zinc and magnesium, iron as well as vitamins C B, C and K. In comparison against other fruits has the highest amount of antioxidants. They are chemical compounds that shield cells in your body from the damaging consequences of oxygenation. Antioxidants are a proven anti-aging agent and are believed to guard against heart and cancer. From your inside body as well as the skin appearance foods that contain high amounts of antioxidants can be extremely beneficial!

The Anti-Aging Berry

Before we dive into how aronia berries can improve your health and well-being We must not forget about the biggest organ of the body... the skin. Due to their high levels of antioxidants aronia berries can be an essential anti-aging ingredient. They can keep your skin protected from the harsh environmental factors, such as smoke, pollution and UV radiation that could all contribute to wrinkles and ageing skin. Aronia Berry boosts youthfulness from within!

Let's Breakdown the Health Benefits

As well as promoting general well-being, aronia berries have been shown to be:

  • Provide overall improvement to the respiratory, circulatory as well as digestive system*
  • Help fight the development of certain cancers.
  • Guard the liver to prevent the harm caused by stomach disorders.*
  • Aid in strengthening the immune system and fight infections and diseases*

How to Enjoy Aronia Berries

Aronia berries from the fresh are a great addition to numerous recipes, including juices, smoothies and sure... wines. Aronia berries dried are available in a variety of health food stores and can be the ideal healthy snack for on the go, or as a base ingredient in baked goods, salads and other baked items. Aronia berries dried are used in the making of herbal tea. Whatever way you'd like to experience these tiny, but powerful aronia berry, incorporating them in your life is essential!

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