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Support this Indigenous Latina macro social worker on her journey to secure LEGITIMATE SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME STREAMS for professionals in helping professions & service industry in Arizona. Jobs. Gigs. Contract Work.

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On a mission to bring revenue streams to Arizonans via my newly formed company Arizona Blossoms, LLC! Jobs. Gigs. Contract work.

We will be hosting an exclusive community platform that creates opportunities for supplemental income and personal and professional development. Fancy words for job directory PLUS provide support and help our members actually land CONTRACT WORK and GIGS for fair pay (No, not $12/hr) without having to leave their 9 to 5.

There are 3 ways to help!           

1) donate, 2) reach out to your close peers, friends, and family to donate, and 3) be an ambassador - secure 10 donors for our cause email me at to coordinate. 

When you donate please leave your name and a way to contact you; we would like to express our appreciation!  

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The Inside Scoop:

For a little over a decade, I have dedicated my life to giving and serving in social services and the last 8 years as a social worker. It's been a wild ride and the honor of my lifetime. 

In my spare time, I've built a Network of 3k rowdy, empathetic, and passionate social worker warriors. In our group, we've shared resources, job leads, supported each other, organized for causes, put on fundraising events, provided much-needed feedback, googled things for one another, and had passionate threads about social justice issues, to say the least... Seriously, the things these social workers do outside of their job description blows my mind every day!

Throughout this journey, I've been able to be of support to these very social workers and social service workers who give until it hurts... and then some. They do their sacred work for far too little compensation and are in student debt up to their ears. Plus, our dirty little secret is that we often have terrible boundaries and work for free (or for trade). Sadly, it's even required to reach our academic and professional milestones...  IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!!

I'm fired up and want to bring more revenue streams to them. Basically we leverage the very skills they have today and secure work contracts. They don't have to leave their full-time job either. So I've been working hard on the Arizona Blossoms platform community to get us there. Here is the kicker--- We actually want to expand beyond social workers only. We work alongside top-notch folks of such diverse backgrounds so we definitely want to include ALL of the helpers, givers, and healers in Arizona. 

We were on our way and then the whole world went into quarantine mode... that put our face-to-face work with the community on hold. We've used this time to plan and pivot. Arizona Blossoms is so close to launch-ready. I've got the staff ready to go and the projects are primed... Here is where you come in. We need is some kickstart cash money to get our operation up and running. 

If you know me intimately you know that I am putting my pride aside for a higher purpose. All the helpers are doing their very best. Some are dominating and some are drowning... most do both at the same time. I humbly ask for your financial support today to get this much need platform out to the helpers in the next month. 

Let us work together to launch this platform!

                    Learn more at

Thank you! 


Nina the Social Worker

*** Hola, soy Nina una trabajadora social (licenciada y maestra en trabajo social). Estoy obsesionada con conectar personas serviciales que buscan trabajo honesto con personas buscando ayuda profesional. Tengo los contactos y las calificaciones pero ocupo pagar el diseño del sitio web y un equipo pequeño para empezar. Si gusta ayudarme a montar mi empresa se lo agradezco de corazón; si me deja su información de contacto me gustaría mandarle un agradecimiento.

Hay 3 maneras de apoyar.

1) donar, 2) platíquele a sus amistades, familiares y compañeros para que donen, y 3) si gusta ser un/a embajador/a - mándeme un correo a para coordinar.

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