Aren's Top Surgery

Aren's Top Surgery

From Jackie Daytona

I'm a trans non-binary adult that has battled dysphoria since I started developing breasts in puberty and I'm ready to start pursuing my top surgery so I can have the body I've always wanted.

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My name is Aren, I'm 30 years old and an agenderflux demi masculine person. What that means is that while I don't conform to either end of the gender binary, I generally prefer to present as slightly more masculine than feminine. I remember my mom telling me as a child that I would have breasts one day and I told her "No I won't." We had a running joke in my family that when I turned 10 I would turn into a little boy. Well, that didn't happen and here I am with crippling dysphoria and F cup breasts that have wrecked my back and my self image since puberty. I work full time, but my new job doesn't offer insurance benefits until I've been here for a full year and I don't think I can wait that long doing nothing about my dysphoria. If you can't help, I would appreciate any shares to get this circulating around!

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