Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive?

Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive?

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Unlike numerous cat breeds worldwide, Maine Coon cats grow to become very huge. Maine Coon size and claws give them a look that can cause fear or make you ask questions like, would it bite? However, somewhat incredibly, Maine Coon cats are not aggressive at all. They are friendly and cute, and their meows always give me chills!

Regardless of their natural gentleness, some Maine Coon cat owners have, unfortunately, witnessed their 'bad' side. But this rage doesn't develop without some specific triggers. So if you have Moon Coon kittens or cats or plan on getting one soon and want to retain their cute, gentle, and friendly nature, this article is your best shot.

Why Is My Maine Cat Aggressive?

Something is wrong if your cat constantly reacts aggressively to the slightest touch or to a specific action that it used to enjoy. Often, the cat is not the problem; instead, it is other unnoticed factors within and around it. Let's explore the most common causes of Maine coon cats' aggression:

Your Main Coon Cat Is Ill Or In Pain

Pain, even for humans, can trigger that sense of irritability towards literally anything. A cat in pain can respond aggressively to your touch, approach, or attempt to carry. The best thing to do in this situation is to visit your trusted vet to run a test on your Maine Coon, and treat its illness.

Body Odor

We all know that cats love to be adored and cared for at all times, which includes applying pleasant perfume on their fur. Main Coon cats give a foul stench when not bathed, and this can make them turn against you. I suggest you get the best odor control cat litter for your Main Coon, or try changing your perfume if you already use one.

Poor Socialization

Why would you own a cat if you won't let it socialize? If you do this and your Maine Coon cat slaps you once or twice, you probably deserve it, haha. Learn how to take your cat on walks and ensure it interacts well with people so it won't get threatened each time a human figure shows up.

Frustration and Anger

Frustration caused by hormonal development (especially when in heat), malnutrition, or loneliness, can make your Maine Coon cat aggressive.

Environmental Stress

Maine Coon kittens and adult cats are highly sensitive to environmental stimuli. Your cat may become aggressive if you are the type to migrate from homes often. Also, the addition of a new pet may trigger your cat's anger and aggressiveness.

How Can I Prevent My Maine Coon's Aggressiveness

Getting attacked by your cute Maine Coon can leave both emotional and physical scars. It is a heartbreaking experience, and rightly so, because you love them dearly. However, if it happens, you must act quickly to find out what went wrong. Personally, the best solution is to consult an animal specialist or a vet to get guidance on your next step.

In the meantime, here are some tips for preventing your cat from ever getting aggressive:

  • Socialize your cat from a young age.

  • Regularly train your cat with physical and mental exercises to improve it's intelligence.

  • No scary surprises! Keep your environment in its usual friendly state to prevent environmental stress.

  • Constant medical check-ups.


Whenever you notice any issue with your Maine coon kittens, the first thing to consider is how to comfort them in the right way. This is because doing it wrong might leave a scar on you due to the Maine coon size. Sometimes, the type of feed usually causes aggressiveness in your cat, so do well to check that also. Suppose you want to know anything about your Maine coon, including its history with feed, clothing, and all; visit our page to learn everything.

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