Are Bingo bars the new trend?

Are Bingo bars the new trend?

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Whilst bingo has been around in some shape or form since the 16th century, it was only in the beginning of the 20th century that it started to truly see its commercial potential. Back before then bingo was played in various countries across the world, however it was often seen as more of an educational tool, or at the very most a fun fairground game with small prizes, but certainly not the huge jackpots we see today.

It was a man named Edwin S. Lowe who proved to be the catalyst for bingo’s evolution into a bona fide gambling game, as he was instrumental in the invention of a universal set of scorecards. Without these things it would be a lot more difficult for bingo to reach the status it is at today, with new things like bingo bars now routinely being talked about too. But what is a bingo bar, and are Barbados Bingo bars the new trend? Let’s take a look. 

What is a bingo bar? 

It really shouldn’t take much thought to work out what a bingo bar is, as it is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin – a bar where you can play bingo! You might think that these two things go together like chalk and cheese, and wonder why there haven’t been bingo bars throughout history, but it is because bingo was never taken as seriously as other casino games until fairly recently. 

Bingo bars still aren’t the most popular thing mind you, with the traditional bingo halls vastly outnumbering these establishments. 

A history of bingo in bars 

The history of bingo is a long and multi-faceted one, and it is difficult to say anything for certain about the game, mainly owing to the fact that it was referred to under a series of different names depending on country to country. It is, therefore, difficult to comment with complete accuracy on the history of bingo in bars, however what we can say for certain is that you would much more likely see things like slots played in bars rather than bingo. 

Bingo was usually the preserve of country fairs in America before it went mainstream, so bingo bars probably would not have existed here. On the contrary, however, wealthy Frenchman used to play a related game called “Le Lotto”, and there was almost certainly a lot of drinking going on here. 

Modern bingo club nights and bars 

Over the last decade we have seen several bingo companies make some crucial innovations to the concept in order to attract a younger audience. This has resulted in various bingo club night brands across the UK, for example, that fuse the traditional experience of clubbing with bingo. 

As you might imagine this has quickly caught on, with many young people now loving the game of bingo because of these modern bingo club nights and bars. 

What is next for bingo bars? 

Drinking in bars is never going to go out of fashion, let’s be honest, so we can see nothing but a positive future for bingo bars.

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