Arbolito Christmas Tree Drive - 2018

Arbolito Christmas Tree Drive - 2018

From Norma Alvarez

This year I am starting The Arbolito Christmas Tree Drive again, but a little different! We will adopt 1 family for Christmas and give them some much needed joy (tree, presents for kids, a nice holiday meal).

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UPDATE:  We are adopting a total of 3 families and once the trees are delivered, I will be buying presents for the children and giving the parents gift cards for Walmart and a restaurant so they can treat themselves to a nice meal.


As a kid, on Christmas morning I would wake up as early as I thought was reasonable and would sneak out of bed and quietly tiptoe to the Christmas tree.  One by one I would look for my gifts and try to peek inside (without tearing the paper of course).  Soon there after I’d wake up my family and we would all gather around the Christmas Tree

The meaning of Christmas is special and may be something different for each of us. Whatever it may mean to you – the common theme is that it’s a very happy time. A time to give, time celebrate and time to create wonderful memories.  And to come home and see your Christmas tree is a reminder of the season.

I was also lucky to be born December 12. And as a kid it can be challenging to celebrate so close to the holidays, but I always loved Christmas. As I grew up I loved my birthday even more as I learned the meaning my birth-date, specifically in Mexico: El Dia de La Guadalupe.  La Virgencita is something that has a lot of meaning to me and I consider myself lucky to be born on such a huge day of celebration of her. 

So 5 years ago, I had started The Arbolito Christmas Tree Drive, to raise money for families in need and to provide them with a Christmas Tree. I was able to do this for two consecutive years, donating over 45 Christmas trees. However a lot has happened to me in the past 3 years (got married and had a baby) which caused me to take a little hiatus from this. This year I am kicking off the Arbolito Drive, but our goal is to sponsor one family for Christmas and give them some much needed joy (tree, presents for kids, a nice holiday meal). 

 The amount of joy, appreciation and blessing I received in the past from the families was overwhelming. It was a beautiful experience and I am truly thankful for all you who contributed and helped me spread some Christmas cheer. 

This year again I am celebrating my birthday by giving back and I have company. My friends and family will joining me this year. You are welcome to come too.

Join us in raising money for the Third Arbolito -Christmas Tree 

I will be providing more information about the families being adopted.

Thank you! 

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