Anushka needs your help

Anushka needs your help

From Anushka Goswami

Anushka Goswami is an 8-year-old medically fragile child with a rare chromosomal abnormality.She requires constant supervision,monitoring, and interventions due to her diagnosis.She needs money for her health & equipment

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Anushka Goswami is an 8-year-old medically fragile child with a rare chromosomal abnormality. She requires constant supervision, monitoring, and interventions due to her diagnosis’ and overall fragility. She is on doctor prescribed precautions for safety, falls, seizures, latex allergy, and aspiration. She has a diagnosis of status epilepticus and is currently taking the highest dose of anti-convulsants available to her to manage her seizure activity. Because of Anushka’s seizure disorder, she must be continuously monitored for safety, changes in condition related to seizures, and medication management. Due to poor swallowing and cognitive and developmental delays, her nutritional needs are being met fully by G-button feedings. Anushka is unable to tolerate continuous pump feedings and large bolus feedings. Because of this, she is fed on an “around the clock” schedule, receiving small amounts of formula and water frequently. This serves to decrease the risk of vomiting that leads to esophageal and throat breakdown, enamel erosion of teeth, and, most importantly, aspiration. Monitoring Anushka’s G-button stoma for irritation and infection daily, check for tube placement before and after feedings, and vent patients often to avoid tube-feeding complications. Anushka is non-ambulatory and requires complete assistance for transfers, repositioning, passive range of motion exercises, and proper posturing to reduce the risk of aspiration due to frequent G-button feedings, chronic constipation, and skin breakdown. She is incontinent of bowel and bladder and requires nursing interventions to prevent skin breakdown to the perineal area and incontinence-related infections. Due to weakness and decreased cognitive ability, Anushka is unable to clear nasal, throat, oral, and chest  secretions on her own. She frequently needs suctioning and manual percussion to back and chest to safely remove secretions and vomitus that could restrict the airway or cause her to aspirate. Anushka is legally blind, hard of hearing, and non-verbal. She is also at a high risk of Retina cancer called 'Retinoblastoma'. Her both eyes need to be evaluated by Retina specialist 2-3 times per year. We need some financial assistance for her ongoing treatment and equipment to carry her  that she needs to improve her day to day life.

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