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Growing up in the mixed of vulnerable sexual minority children who do not know what lesbianism is all about but was introduced to them by an adult to engage into such holistic attitudes. If someone has the opportunity to educate or teach them at that age they will rise up and resist

The Concept lesbianism, which has become a pandemic practice, has eaten deep into the fabrics of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. Etiologically, lesbianism started in the early sixties in United States of America. Lesbianism commences mostly during the on-set of sexual minority children and Youth and its unwanted wide dissemination is overwhelming as it is spreading like wild fire especially in Nigeria.

the main problems preventing these sexual minority children and Youth from accessing our interventions, 

The absence of experts in this field to bring a solution

Absence of large-scale intervention program in Nigeria 


Behaviors of individuals  

I intends to get involved, educate and motivate, speak out, reach out, drawing a community’s attention to an important issue, and directing decision-makers toward a solution an attempts to change the sexual orientation of Lesbians.

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