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World renowned Egyptologist, writer and satirist John Anthony West has spent the majority of his life fighting academia with his controversial theories of ancient Egypt.  In the first days of 2017 John was presented with a new fight, this time he is battling cancer instead of the “Quackademics” (one of many JAW'isms).

For those not familiar with John’s work, one can start with his 1993 Emmy award winning documentary, The Mysteries of the Sphinx, narrated by Charlton Heston. John first hypothesized and then proved geologically that the Sphinx is vastly older than the conventional date of 2500BC taught in schools.  Simply put, he has changed the way we look at the history of our civilization.

John West was adamant about using alternative methods over the extremely harsh ‘standard of care’ treatment that would be tough on any person at any age.  The great news is that John has been accepted in the renowned Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.  Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, much like John, is a genius that the establishment does not know how to deal with.  The FDA has continually harassed Dr Burzynski for using non standard of care methods, even though his treatment has shown more promise than traditional protocols.  His patients testimonies have led to the FDA to consistently fail in their stubborn litigious pursuits.

Most non-traditional cancer treatments are disregarded from health insurance policies, giving most little choice in the matter.  In addition to being radically cheaper, Dr Burzynski's patient case studies have detailed incredible results.  Be that as it may, the majority of health care institutions do not acknowledge. This of course requires people like John Anthony West to settle his medical care out of pocket.  We cant let that stop these two from trying.

The Rogue Oncologist meets the Rogue Egyptologist, soon with your help.

We estimate the medical obligations, financial commitments, and on-hold Egypt tours for 2017 to be $155,000.  100% of all funds will go to John West and his family.  We also welcome your ideas and suggestions to help out this living treasure to continue his pursuits.  

Be sure to check back often for the Giving Packages offered, as we are adding JAW books and portraits in addition to the amazing support from notables like Graham Hancock who have offered to participate in the John Anthony West Project.  

Lastly, another way to help the cause is to donate items of value to the John Anthony West Project. We welcome your suggested  amount that you would like to see the item generate for JAW.  Please mail your items to:

The John Anthony West Project

675 Manorville Rd

Saugerties, NY 12477

Sincerely, Clay Roup & Zoe West

[Clay Roup is a friend of the West household and has initiated this project with the full support of his wife Celesta West and his two children Zeke and Zoe West]

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