Ann Young was a talented artist during the Golden Age of com

Ann Young was a talented artist during the Golden Age of com

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Ann Young was a talented artist during the Golden Age of comic books. Her just imputed charge compared to this period could be that the "Master Principals" feature in Crown Comics Number 4, printed by McCombs Publishing in August, 1945. This narrative featured Young because the performer, with art work by Jack Canfield. Young also worked for DC comics and DC's top star, super man. When World War II broke out, Young went over to the side to find out if she would be of assistance to the war effort. She was in charge of drawing military planes and sending them off to reach targets over the beaches.A month later, while she had been in France on leave from her military duty, Ann Young came back home to begin work on "The Master Princes", that could grow to be the start of her long career. The story dedicated to the life of 2 championships, Henry VIII and James I, and their respective reigns. This period is frequently referred to as the Golden Age of England. Ann Young never pl ann young  ed this to be considered a feature length comic book, though it did develop in to one.Young had planned to use "The Master Princes" to establish a kids' book series, but she immediately realized that she had to offer than stories of historical characters. The story was so attractive she decided to take it to the attention of earth, by having it appear in the World's Most Popular Comic Book Festival, or what is called the T.W. Wood Gallery's"arers" display. This was actually the first time a comicbook was showcased within this prestigious exhibition.Ann Young never expected her career would span across decades and she would watch her name immortalized in the pages of"T.W. Wood Art Gallery's " catalogs for years in the future. "The Master Princes" has been awarded the most significant selling award at the planet's Most Popular Comic Book Festival. She had been nominated for an additional eight awards, but lost out to Frank Miller, that had been picked over Ann Young by the Comic Book Legal Defense Association, or CBA. Ann Young had accomplished a lot, but the crown has been lost by Miller.It was never to be always a very easy victory for Young, that was again at the World's hottest Comic Book Festival, this time with "The Master Princes." However, this time, because of the tough job of her former Curator, Paul Tobin along with his team,"The Master Princes" did receive a standing ovation from the audience and from the pros in the specialty. It was a day of celebration Young, because she took home the Grand Champion title from Tobin and the lion's share of the countless tickets earnings. The publicity was not only a surprise, but it had been what Ann Young needed, as she has returned into the comic art universe fighting for her art's faith. However, this victory was the beginning, since the struggle for the near long run continues.This war between the Comics Curators continues, as they attempt to retain the genuine significance and value of comic books for the dedicated fan. Todo so, they have turned to the fans themselves. They've given them a forum to share their comments concerning the works of their Curators, and from doing so they are helping to assure that future generations will cherish the traditional masterpieces for years to come and maybe not regret your choice to obtain these titles. It's obvious that the struggle is on, however it is the struggle of good versus bad.

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