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I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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Joy For Joey =)


The definition of Joy is:

  1. A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
  2. A thing that causes joy.

JOEY = JOY with her huge smile and ability to continue fighting cancer.

We've created this site to help give some Joy back to Joey. Joy for Joey is a fundraising and support page for all friends, family, strangers, and well wishers to help support a wonderful, beautiful, brave, strong, and determined woman known as Joey. RIGHT now Joey is praying for a way to pay for a special genome sequence test to allow her to hopefully qualify as a candidate for another clinical trial in San Diego or at City of Hope Memorial. This test would help identify key markers in fighting her rare cancer.  Insurance does not cover this expensive test and her doctors have told her to begin to get her affairs in order. Lets help get Joey this test and into this crucial clinical Trial!!


In April of 2011 Joey ended up in the ER because of gallstones.  Through a holistic diet she tried to control her biliary colic attacks.  

Later that year in January 2012 after having endured numerous tests to figure out why Joey had such severe abdominal pains, thinking it was gallstones or maybe appendicitis an ultra sound revealed a tumor on Joeys Ovary 7 inches big, the size of a baby's head.  That night her right ovary was removed. 

On April fools 2012, the doctor came in and told her the bad news about the ovary-baby whom she named Luisa.  She had cells that were not benign but not to worry, it is curable.  Calling/texting her friends on April fool’s day informing them she had cancer went really well.  After 2 weeks of recovery on Friday the 13th, more bad news.  It is not the cancer that everyone had "hoped for."  It turns out it is a very rare cancer called Poorly Differentiated Ovarian Neoplasm with Neuro-endocrine features. Only 300 other cases in the world.  Joey is Stage 3. 

A lot has happen since the first session over 16 months ago which consisted of the first round of chemo which was six cycles of Cisplatin and Etoposide every 3 weeks. She started in July and ended in September, two tumors grew. At MD Anderson they did four rounds of 4 more drugs CycloPHOSPHAMIDE, Bleomycin, DOXOrubicin, and VinBLAStine every 3 weeks; two tumors grew so Joey stopped chemo. In January, Joey started a clinical trial at City of Hope for Brentuximab, she stopped after 2 cycles because 4 more tumors have grown and the original 2 had grown significantly. Joey is now radiating all 6 tumors; three are in the lymph nodes. Microscopic cells were found in the abdominal liquids but thankfully no tumors on any organs. No signs of spreading, tumors are confined to one area around the bladder so we are blasting them. It's not the cure but it will buy us some time for more clinical trials to pop up.

  In Joey’s words, “This journey has been a wonderful one. I am slowly coming to terms with life and death. I am learning how peaceful death can be. The one thing I am struggling with is Faith. I cannot seem to find "God" or a higher being. I talked to my psychologist today and brought up God. I said I don't see any signs of him or her existing or any types of spirit for that matter and feel like I am failing in life. She said what if "God" is not a thing or a person but a feeling? I have found inner peace, love for myself, and clarity. I see the world for what it really is and hold all of its beauty in my heart. I have slowly begun to feel this for the past year. If god is a feeling and a state of being then God has been with me during my times of struggle. A divine heart and peaceful soul is what I believe God is.... for now. Not quite following any religion but I love the feeling of a higher self and excited to see what else I find in this journey. I do have Faith in you my friends and family. I know the love I have for you guys is the strongest feeling I have ever felt in my life. It's powerful and I know that that love will pull me through anything even on my last breath on my deathbed. Heres to Life and Love.” 

Joey is that Joy to many of us who have been lucky enough to call her a friend, team mate, companion, sibling, cousin, or even someone whom we have only heard her story. Her determination to beat this cancer is matched by all the strength and support from all of you, so THANK YOU for visiting reading, supporting and donating to Joy for Joey.  Please visit her caringbridge page to read more about her battle with cancer and her journey.


Ways to give:

1)      Financially:

Through our fundly page or at State Sprints July 27th 2013 at Leadbetter beach in Santa Barbara CA

2)      In Prayer: Pray for the complete healing of Joanna Hernandez

     Pray for strength and encouragement for her family

3)      Sharing is Caring

-          Posting a link to on your personal website, Facebook,   Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or other social network

-          Asking your church, Bible study group, Temple, or friends and family   to partner with you in praying for Joey and to stay informed by visiting:

4)      Encouragement:

 Due to the intensive treatment Joey will be undergoing, there is often a delay in receiving packages or letters. However, if you would like to send a personal note or card, please mail to:

Joey Hernandez

401 East Victoria Street Apt 6

Santa Barbara, CA 93101


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