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SECRETS Make friends! This September I have a master plan to do a good deed for a special couple, and I need your help! September 6th, 2013, Thadius Walter Gogolewski, aka Teddy Gogo and his lovely wife Kim will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary! I want to make it very special for them! They both do such a good job as hardworking parents that I want to give them a break and show them how much we love them. Here is my plan so far... THIS IS A SECRET!

Sat. Aug 31st- I fly or drive in to Chicago for a "Cubs Game" (Labor Day weekend) We get a large group to take the Gogo Family to the Cubs vs. Phillies game that Sat. This is where we surprise them! I want to get volunteers to help me spend the entire week at their house helping remodel their kitchen or help with the projects around the house that Ted hasn't been able to complete due to time and money constraints. My goal is to raise $2,000 to go towards materials. 

Here is how it is going to work!

PRE PLANNING STAGE (now until beginning of Aug)

-Get lots of photos of the Gogolewski house, inside and out, without them knowing about it. Especially if there are any physical damages or eye sores.-Get a general idea of what Ted and Kim would like to change, if we can without giving away our intentions.-Develop a plan of attack focusing on the major changes. Small changes and cosmetic repairs can be done without much planning.-If we know the basic materials we are going to need, the local guys can help trying to find them cheap at Habitat for humanity or craigslist and collect them somewhere they will not be discovered. This could stretch the budget much further, which is why it is a good idea to get a jump on this.-Collect donations in the form of checks, paypal, gift cards to Home Depot/Lowes/etc., and the fundraising website I set up for the cause. I encourage people making larger donations to use checks or paypal "gifts" since the fundraising site does take a small % for credit card transactions. Our goal is $2,000, but I think we can do better than that!-Allow everyone in the area (or people who want to travel in) plenty of time to schedule time off in the first week of Sept. so they can donate their time and hard work. This is just as important as donating money because I can't do all of the work myself.-Come up with design ideas that will help make their Extreme Makegogover unique and creative. I'm going to leave this up to the girls to start coming up with ideas to present to the group. - Everyone who want to go to the game needs to acquire bleacher tickets to Cubs vs. Phillies on Sat. Aug 31st. I'll keep everyone posted on when they become available to the public. (Rob and I renewed our season tickets again this year) If you would like buy a ticket for a member of the Gogolewski family, please let me know. We are going to need 5! Once we receive the tickets, we will give them to Ted and Kim as an anniversary gift from everyone who has made or pledged a donation. This will happen months in advance so we are sure they can schedule it. (they will think this is their anniversary gift from all of us)-NFL schedule comes out in April, so stay tuned on a possible opening day Bears game on Sept. 8th. If it's not a home game, I think we should have a watching party at the Gogo's newly remodeled home!


-We will create a detailed plan of the work that needs to be done and try to schedule it accordingly. Example: (Mon- Demo, Tues- Plumbing/electrical, Wed- drywall, flooring, Thurs- trim... etc.)-Everyone can sign up to help for the days they know they can. Even if you can only come for a few hours. You don't have to be very skilled in construction to lend a hand... We need help from women too!-The people really close to Ted and Kim will need to try to get their schedules for that week and see if they are making special plans for their anniversary... If not, we are going to do it for them! I'm hoping we can make up something in order to make sure they are available to do everything we have intended for them. Like offer to take them out for a group dinner or something and then set up a romantic date night for that night...


-I will probably end up driving up from Texas Aug 29th or 30th so I can bring all of my tools and any materials I've salvaged.-Sat. 31st: Cubs game. Once everyone is sitting in the bleachers together I will make an announcement to the Gogo family what our true intentions are and acknowledge everyone who has already donated and plans to help.  This will probably be done in the form of a video so that everyone who can't be there in person can add a personal video message!-Sun. Sept. 1st: gather materials and start construction. We need a lot of volunteers this day!-Mon. 2nd (labor day): Continue construction. More volunteers needed!-3rd-5th: Continue construction each day-Fri. 6th: Wrap up construction and MOVE THAT BUS! Date night for Ted and Kim. We need volunteers to babysit the kids and chauffeur them to a nice restaurant and maybe something fun after? Preferably someone with a nice car that can open the doors for them and treat them as if they are celebrities. -Sat. 7th: (holding on to hope that the Bears will have a home game we can go to on the 8th) Party at the Gogo's to celebrate and show off the Extreme Makegogover! If the Bears have an away game we will have a watching party on Sunday instead of Saturday... which will give us an extra day to work and we can bump their date night to Saturday instead of Sunday.

Thanks to everyone for all of their support and donations!  This is going to be very special for the Gogolewski family and I can't do it without all of your help!  Remember that this is a SURPRISE, so don't be the one who gives it away and be careful what posts to facebook.

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