Homeless and Need Moving Funds, Sick With Autoimmune Issues

Homeless and Need Moving Funds, Sick With Autoimmune Issues

From Angelica Sexton

Hi, my name is Angelica. I have health issues, including Lyme disease and to sick to work. I need to raise funds to move so that I will no longer overpay for hotels to keep from being homeless.

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Hi, my name is Angelica.  Four years ago I became very sick.  I developed around 20 different symptoms all in a matter of 3 weeks.  The first symptom was headaches so extreme I had to go to the ER on several different occasions and receive Morphine.  I begged the Dr. to do an MRI.  It came back normal.  The ER wrote it off as a sinus infection and prescribed me antibiotics.  I completed the meds, but still the symptoms persisted.  I went back to the ER again.  Once again, all blood work was normal but CT scan showed I still had a small sinus infection.  They continued to put me on more meds and still it didn't help.  On top of that, I was taking countless antibiotics for a UTI that would not go away.  The first test came back positive for a UTI, but after the first round of antibiotics was completed I still had the constant urge to pee.  On top of being sick, I couldn't even sleep because the urgency was so horrid.  Yet, doctors could do nothing to help me.  I begged them to continue to give me antibiotics to hope that the urgency would go away, but it never did.  On top of these two symptoms, I also developed tinnitus, depersonalization/derealization, severe brainfog, chronic fatigue, eye floaters, something I call drunk vision, horrible intrusive thoughts, internal tremors, weightloss because I lost my appetite, horrible anxiety so bad I thought I was dieng, constantly feeling like I was dieng on a terrible drug trip and strung out and hung over and so much more.  I could no longer work and lost my small little efficiency.  I was thrown around to wherever my mom could put me, but the experiences at these places were far from great.  Come to find out, I had been living in a place that had mold and now I have been on an endless journey and over thousands of dollars spent to try to find cures. I saw many neurologists, a urologist, an infectious disease dr, several ents, several different medical doctors, endless er doctors, and many hollistic doctors til finally finding one that has found so many different ailments going on with me that others just wrote off as anxiety.  I tried herbs that only sent me to the hospital and made me feel like I was going insane.  I tried the raw fruit diet that left me with food poisoning and a blocked intestine that left me in the ER for 24 hours.  My issues are far beyond being fixed with just diet. I am currently working with a holistic Dr.  in Fort Lauderdale that has  identified Lyme Disease with coinfections as well as Candida, mold, heavy metals and Epstein Barr all being issues.  My poor mother has done her best to try and take care of a sick 35 year old daughter.  However, she is 60 years old and her job takes a toll on her body working as a CNA in the Veterans Hospital.  She goes to work to clean asses just to have to come home and worry about taking care of me.  We were living in a small efficiency.  However, on Christmas my mom got Covid from her job and she gave it to me as well.  She was unable to work for almost three weeks.  I explained this to my landlord.  However he did not care.  He lied and said that because we are late he got an offer to sell the place and we have to be out in 2 weeks and he would not return the deposit because we owed him 300 from the prior month plus this month that we explained we would pay in two weeks. We offered to at least pay him the 300, but he refused to take it..  He wanted it all or nothing.  And he refused to give us back security deposit on top of it.  People in Miami like to illegally rent out efficiencies and don't follow legalities, but we had no choice because that is all that was in our budget. We immediately started looking for another efficiency or studio in the area and sure enough we saw that he lied and posted our unit up for rent with a 300 dollar a month increase.  On top of that, 2 weeks was not enough for my mom to save money for first last and security...so we were homeless.  My mom tried her hardest to keep me in a safe, clean hotel.  However, with prices rising...the hotels upped their fees to being 4 grand or more a month to stay in one.  I couldn't risk a cheap dive motel because most have mold.  At this moment, we have nothing.  We just need help coming up with funds for first, last and security to move.  My medical expenses alone are over 400 a month because insurance does not cover holistic care.  I've missed many appointments do to lack of funds.  My mom has to much pride to ever ask for help and so do I.  However, I didn't ask to be sick and have to drop out of college as a straight A student and lose out on some of the best years of my life to just lay down and die.  Unfortunately, the type of people in my life I am surrounded by either do not believe me or think I should use my body for money because I don't look sick. Unfortunately, that is the type of world we live in.  However, I have such a big heart and I know what my mom and I have dealt with.  We don't need a couch or a place where other people make the rules.  I have brain inflammation I can't breath or sleep with it hot.  We need our own little home so that I can have peace of mind and heal and my mom can finally do something for herself.  She goes without everything for me. We both deserve so much better then to have to worry about abuse from where we are staying or a safe place in Miami to park a car with no AC.  My mom has a great job and the option to retire in a year.  So transferring out of state is not an option.  Anything helps, and its very embarrassing, but be blessed you are not in this situation.  My goal is to heal and pay it forward.  Im literally the type of person to only have 10 dollars in my pocket and see a homeless person on the street and give them a couple dollars. My mom is the same way.  My birthday was 2 days ago and I want to start my year off without struggles and on the right path to healing. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hugs.

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