Angelica Maria Enriquez Blanco Funeral and Family Fund

Angelica Maria Enriquez Blanco Funeral and Family Fund

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We are helping to raise funds for the funeral of Angelica Maria Enriquez Blanco. Remaining funds will also be used to take care of her children who she left behind in this tragic accident.

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Please help the family of Anglica Maria Enriquez Blanco as she was tragically taken from us far too soon here on Earth. Monday, November 21st we lost a beautiful mother, daughter, sister, friend and co-worker in a pedestrian vs vehicle accident.

Any amount of prayer, love and money will help the family give her the proper funeral and to be able to send her back home and laid to rest. Please see full obituary below and thank you for your generosity.


Angélica was born on a Monday November 16, 1981 in the village of El Coyolito San Juan Tecuaco, Santa Rosa Guatemala.

Angelica was called into the presence of the Lord on the afternoon of Monday, November 21, 2022 at Avera Mckennan Hospital following a tragic car-pedestrian accident.

Her parents Flavio Enríquez Alvarez and Marta Blanco Mangandid

Her three siblings Nelson Antonio Enríquez Blanco, Elvia Elizabeth Enriquez Blanco and Martha Elizabeth Mangandid Blanco.

Her childhood years were spent in the village El Coyolito, San Juan Tecuaco, she did not show greater interest in studying and as a very mischievous girl she hid her backpack so that they won't send her to school.

At the age of nine, she faced one of the most painful experiences that her life could give her, the tragic death of her father, as a child she demonstrated to have a special character, that helped her overcome her paternal loss and get ahead helping her mother in her unity with her sisters and brother.

Angélica, at the age of 15, moved to the municipal city of Santa María Ixhuatán, Santa Rosa

At the age of 17, love came into her life and she joined Humberto Romeo Estrada Alvarez in marital life. They made their home in Aldea Media Legua, Santa María Ixhuatán. They procreated two children, Hellen Julissa Estrada Enriquez and Hamilton Humberto Estrada Enriquez, it was seven years of happiness. At this stage of her life, Helen Julissa was a toddler and Hamilton a new born, Angélica once again faced a tragedy the death of her husband.

At the age of 1 Hamilton her youngest son developed meningitis and suffered a stroke which implied expenses, anguish, and hopelessness. Angelica dealt with the aftermath of the illness of her son. He presented problems in the development of speech, learning delays, difficulty walking.

When Hamilton turned 10 he suffered a terrible bullying incident to his left eye which caused him to lose vision in his eye. Only God knows the anguish that Angelica in her mother's heart had to endure.

Angélica and her warrior soul, and her desire to give her children a better life, made the hardest decision in her life, she took the trip to the United States with her son Hamilton, her daughter Helen Julissa stayed in Guatemala. She dedicated herself to working tirelessly to be able to carry out each of the dreams she had for her children. Helen Julissa graduated as an Accounting Expert with Computer Orientation, with which they were crowned the great efforts of mother and daughter. Angelica wanted the best for Julissa and for that supported her in these two years in which she has been studying at the University. Hamilton attends Lincoln High School, he receives special aid classes and has support from teachers and counselors. He is receiving medical care for his seizures. Angelica dream was for him to have a prosthesis on his left eye.

In the distance, she knew how to stay together with her family.

Monday November 21 she was able to communicate with her family, as if her mother instict had warned her what was going to happen. She had the opportunity to say goodbye unconsciously and between their conversations. The last words she said to her daughter Julissa.


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