Angelic Room and Board

Angelic Room and Board

From Angela Jones

The reason I am fundraising is to make sure that my room and board home accommodations meet the needs of my residence I want them to not only feel safe but comfortable and know that someone understands and cares deeply.

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To be very much honest in telling my own story in regards to what I went through when I was homeless is something I rarely talk about but I'm going to give you a rundown of the feelings that I felt, what caused my homelessness, how long I was homeless for and what I did to get where I'm at now.

            Being homeless was one of the most embarrassing things that could have ever happened to me in my life feeling like a failure feeling like you're unable to do what you see others in front of you completing and succeeding. I became homeless due to foreclosure of a home that was improperly told to me through the manager so with that being said I end up being homeless I thought for only a short period of time but boy was i wrong i  ended up being homeless for a lil over 7 years of my life. 

      Living from place to place couch to couch floor to floor dealing with people who really didn't actually want to help you really didn't actually care but was doing it just so that they can be able to put you out whenever they felt the need to rain sleet or snow they didn't care.

      Being homeless is eye opener it gives you the ability to look at yourself and love yourself and respect yourself all by yourself know your worth know what you deserve know how you're supposed to be treated and how you're not supposed to be treated it allows you to have patience teaches you to become humble and it helps you to face the reality that everyone is fighting a battle every day that no one knows nothing about so showing and having empathy and true compassion for others and their difficult situations can go a long way.

       Today i am no longer homeless by the grace of God and by me never allowing giving up to be an option, I haven't been homeless for almost 3 years I've been able to maintain my household for me and my two boys on my own. This campaign is very close and personal because I've lived it so that's why it's so important for me to try to help someone else that has also had this struggle to get on their feet and move forward with your life.

        Funds will be used for household appliances, sheets comforters, blankets, pillows, 7dressers, beds, TVs, clothing , transportation back and forth to appointments if they have them, grocery shopping for them ect. Anything to be able to provide a safe happy home for them be able to call their own

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