An Orphan Home in Nepal

An Orphan Home in Nepal

From Eric Roache

The kids of Joining Hands Nepal family orphan home need land for a new home. We're already more than halfway there, help us bring it home!

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What Will We Do With The Land?

  • Run, Jump, Play - This land will provide plenty of safe outdoor space for the children to run and play, staying active and healthy, which our current home is sorely lacking.
  • Work, Grow, Eat - There will be space for an organic garden to grow fruits, vegetables, and grains, cutting down on food costs and teaching responsibility and care to the children.
  • Build, Expand, Dream - Most importantly, the land will allow Joining Hands Nepal to build their dream home. This means more space to care for new children, more volunteers, a dedicated classroom, a library, a computer room, and space to expand programs and services to the greater community as a resource and learning center. 

Why Are We Raising Money Again?

  • Phase One - Last year with your help we raised over $20,000 towards the purchase of land for Joining Hands Nepal family orphan home, but we didn't quite reach our goal. However,that money all went towards a down payment to reserve the land and fix the price, and put us in perfect position to complete our goal this year!
  • Phase Two - This year, we need your help once more to raise the rest of the cost of the land. If we are successful in reaching our goal, the land purchase will be complete and we can start using it to grow food and play immediately! And we can begin planning and building a new home for the children hopefully next year.

Why Joining Hands Nepal?

  • Excellence in Education - Every child of Joining Hands Nepal is at or near the top of their class. The four youngest children that have been in the home since the beginning two and a half years ago have each skipped a grade in that time. The children are routinely selected to participate and perform in school programs and hailed as role models in the school by teachers and staff.
  • Above and Beyond - The children get additional daily classes in English and Extracurricular Activities. This has made them among the very best English speakers in their school and has instilled in them the creativity and independent thinking which is sorely lacking in the traditional Nepali education system.
  • Cultural Exchange - The international volunteer program has hosted over 40 volunteer from Europe, Asia, and America. The kids have learned new knowledge, games, songs, foods, and much more from countries around the world due to this program. And Joining Hands Nepal is the #1 rated and most recommended program by volunteers with our volunteer program partner in Nepal, which sends volunteers to placement sites in a variety of fields all over Nepal.

What Do The Kids Say?

  • Christina, 16 - If we have land to build our own home we will have the freedom to make the home we want and space to grow.
  • Rachel, 16 - We need land to grow our own organic vegetables and to get lots of physical exercise so we can be even more healthy.
  • Brian, 14 - I want a library so we can keep many more books in the home to gain new knowledge and enjoy nice storybooks.
  • James, 8 - I want a TV room so we can see lots of nice movies!

Imagine The Possibilities

  • Click the link below to see a presentation of the children's renderings of what they hope the new land and home will look like once it is complete.

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