An Introductory Guide To Neon Web Wallet

An Introductory Guide To Neon Web Wallet

From Mathew Philip

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One of the most popular apps to ever be used for NEO points is the neon web wallet. Compatible with all devices like Linux, macOS, and Windows, this is a completely open-source wallet.


An extraordinary advantage of you or anyone getting the NEON wallet on their device is that you don't need to download the full exchange history to be operational and approach exchanges. NEON is made of lightweight programming that can be made to run in demand for any to some present-day degree PC and furthermore is very simple to set up. This application is the first one to be created in the Neo Blockchain and has its sets of devoted users and followers--some of which have been using it ever since it was dropped. You will find several guides and videos on several platforms which will introduce you to the neon web wallet just fine, but because you've come here, you should get what you're expecting.



Created by the COZ or the CityOfZion development community and have all the basic functions and features that are to be expected from a NEO wallet. If you have been wondering whether this app would be worth it, then you've come to the right place.



Some of its features include NEP-5 support, GAS claiming, and it's super reliable ability to manage multiple addresses simultaneously. For those who don't want to login all the time and maybe want to remain anonymous, that's possible too with the watch-only mode of the neon web wallet. Additionally, there's a contact book that you can use to save all the addresses that you use often.  The application also provides support for ledgers. In fact, it holds the capacity to handle multiple ledger addresses from just one device. Some new features which have increased the number of users or visitors are the QR code scanner, and signing in offline, and making transactions.


As you may have already guessed, it has been a long time since the app got released, and ever since then, it has always been evolving to make it better for those who use it. It's high time that you join that list too. Not convinced yet? Merely creating a new wallet on neon web wallet takes you less than 10 seconds, and you get multiple ways to login: with a private key, the encrypted key which when combined with the password that you have chosen will give you the private key, you can take it a step further to get the maximum out of this application and generate customized QR codes so that you can log in anywhere and everywhere.


Sum up

If that wasn't enough, you could print this entire thing out on a piece of paper so that you never get logged out from your profile and keep on getting GAS points. It's recommended that since the application is giving you so many resources on the neon web wallet that you should take full advantage of them. Don't you think so?

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