An Innocent Angel's Battle With Death

An Innocent Angel's Battle With Death

From William Cruz

Little angel Sofia suffers from a congenital heart defect called 'Atrial Septal Defect' (ASD). Basically,she has a huge hole in her heart.Only an open heart surgery can save her life.

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Little Sofia Marie

Little Sofia is a vivid, playful and happy girl of 9 months of age and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.She watches everything and everyone with great attention. She seems to be a quick learner and to have an exploitative character, making her able to stand already.

Sofia is a genuinely happy and friendly little baby-girl, strong willed with what she likes and doesn't like and, with an extremely cute shyness.  But Sofia has a severe heart defect

In her specific case the doctors strongly suggest a heart surgery, otherwise - little Sofia is not expected to live longer to become a teenager.

The health insurance will not pay the surgery.Because they say it's a congenital birth defect. So we ask for your help and support to allow little angel Sofia to get a fair chance in life!

Her parents Devi and Theophilus will be eternally thankful for every little help and support.

What is wrong with Sofia’s heart?

What is the diagnosis?

Sofia suffers from a congenital heart defect. Doctors call it atrial septal defect (ASD). Basically, you can translate this with, "she has a hole in her heart". The electrocardiography's done in Jakarta and Singapore concur that the hole is approximately 14.7 mm, meaning there is no wall at all to separate both upper chambers (atrium).

How does it affect the heart?

Normally, the left side of the heart only pumps blood to the body, and the right side of the heart only pumps blood to the lungs. In a child with ASD, blood can travel across the hole from the left upper heart chamber (left atrium) to the right upper chamber (right atrium) and out into the lung arteries.

If the ASD is large, the extra blood being pumped into the lung arteries makes the heart and lungs work harder and the lung arteries can become gradually damaged.

How did the parents notice?

Sofia became a poor eater and was cranky all the time, this reflected in no gains in terms of weight and height. On the development graphs she would score lowest. You have to imagine that her heart is beating twice as fast as a normal heart and showing signs of great fatigue already.

What do Heart specialists say?

Both, Jakarta and Singapore heart doctors agree... The hole is huge and needs to be closed immediately, as otherwise, Sofia’s health is in jeopardy and she could start to fade away even before she is 10 years old and most likely will not reach teenage age.

What have the parents done?

Of course she received medicine to slow down her heart beat, but the parents are supporting this with a self made protein and minerals rich nutrition. We are very proud that because of the efforts of her parents, Sofia is gaining weight, crawling and almost walking, this to the great amazement of nurses and doctors.

What needs to be done now?

Well, there is no other choice as for an open heart surgery in order to close the wall between her right and left atrium. Since it is an open heart surgery, Sofia’s heart will be stopped and all vital functions are taken over by a machine. And that is the scary point apart from thinking what else could go wrong. But hey, she is strong, so are her parents and we all have trust in the Indonesian surgeon of the Nation Heart Center in Jakarta for later next month.

Why do we need your support?


Since ASD is seen a congenital birth defect, the health insurance won’t pay a cent.


The parents already had costs of more than 2,000 US Dollar for all analyses and doctors visits. Not counting costs for the Singapore Hospital visits.

The surgery is expected to cost approximately 19,000 US Dollar. Which the parents will have a hard time to pay from their pockets.

You can join us

Help us to support the open heart surgery of Sofia. Every donation, as little as it might be, every Euro, every Dollar will help the parents and little Sofia.

I want to ask family and friends to support if they can - to close the hole in the heart of Sofia and allow her a beautiful life.

Thank you from our hearts!

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